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  • Carlos Enrique Kaiser Winkler
    I am visiting Europe coming a long waz from Chile. It would be so useful to be able to meet people working or knowing Fukuokas methodology Are there N.F.in
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 28, 2007
      I am visiting Europe coming a long waz from Chile. It would be so useful
      to be able to meet people working or knowing Fukuokas methodology Are there
      N.F.in Germany , Austria, Chechoeslovakia, or anz other countrz ? I
      reallz would appreciate to have the possibilitz to make a contact Carlos

      >From: "karoubas" <karoubas@...>
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      >Subject: [fukuoka_farming] INTERNATIONAL SEEDBALL MEETING IN GREECE
      >Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2007 04:59:19 -0000
      >Dear Friends, I am enclosing an announcement from the European Center
      >of Natural Farming concerning the meeting this summer. It's a great
      >chance to participate and do something about climate change and learn
      >about natural farming. The announcement will be posted in our site
      >http://www.naturalfarming.us/. There are no fees – but this is not a
      >luxurious retreat with breakfast served in bed.
      >The recent great climate change all over the world must have left no
      >doubt, at least to those who are aware of the degree of destruction in
      >nature, that we have no time to loose. We have to act the soonest
      >possible and work to create a Paradise on Earth. Never before
      >Fukuoka's philosophy, vision of life and practice were so timely of
      >great importance than in the present critical time humanity lives.
      >Let me quote a passage from his latest book, The Revolution of God,
      >Nature and Man, to be published in English soon:
      >" Who is that tramples and lays waste the Garden of Eden. Rather than
      >the foolish man who ignorantly cuts down a tree, the wise man who
      >knows better but acquiesces is the greater sinner.
      >God is silent.
      >God takes no revenge.
      >But when nature perishes and God dies, man also dies.
      >Now God is alone.
      >God needs the assistance of people of good will.
      >If you are a farmer, you can sow seeds in the desert. Even city
      >dwellers can plant daikon seeds by the roadside and vacant lots. To
      >turn the earth into green fertile fields we need neither plows nor
      >hoes. Children and birds will plant four leaf clovers.
      >Let us walk about asking people to stop raising cows and grazing sheep
      >to satisfy their own desires.
      >Poets should sing the song of nature and artists paint nature to show
      >people where to find God.
      >Let us, one and all, participate in the work of God.
      >Let us turn the earth into a green paradise.
      >It will not be easy to bring back nature.
      >But it is not impossible.
      >It is said that walking the path of God is more difficult than for a
      >camel to pass through the eye of a needle back. If we bring the mind's
      >eye close to the eye of the needle, even that small hole becomes
      >infinitely large.
      >Isn't the camel our own inflated ego?
      >If men become humble, with no knowledge, no desire, no possessions,
      >they will be able to pass through the small hole with ease.
      >Anyone can hold God in his hand.
      >Just like Sakyamuni and Christ.
      >Let us hold a single flower …"
      >From the 24th of August up to the 2nd of September people from all
      >over the world will spend ten days together making clayballs that will
      >be sown at the end of September over an area of 300 hectares in
      >Northeastern Greece.
      >They will have the opportunity to learn more on the technique of
      >clayballs (seedballs), to exchange ideas on how to synchronize our
      >work in their respective countries, the establishment of natural
      >farms, the greening of the deserts and the barren mountains.
      >Anyone who wants to participate is welcome. The meeting place will be
      >the Natural Farming Center in Klisohori, Edessa, Greece.
      >For more information please visit our site www.naturalfarming.us or
      >Call 30-2381-27312 (19.00 to 21.00 local Greek time)

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