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Masanobu Fukuoka and the Close to Nature Garden this Thursday at 7PM at the Blue Ridge Center

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  • Allan Balliett
    (I apologize for sending this so late. If you cannot attend this Thursday s event, I m sure that you would find the next two worthwhile. The final film, Life
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2002
      (I apologize for sending this so late. If you cannot attend this
      Thursday's event, I'm sure that you would find the next two
      worthwhile. The final film, "Life in the Soil," is from Japan and
      gives, perhaps, the most stunning portrayal that is available of the
      power and the wonder of the soil life foodweb, essential insights
      for all Natural
      Farmers. -Allan)

      Masanobu Fukuoka's influence on holistic agriculture has been
      enormous. He is that rare combination of inspiring philosopher and
      astonishingly effective farmer. More than anyone else, he has
      extended the idea that we can grow ample high-quality food for
      human's by working with Nature rather than against her. (Check out
      the recently published "Power of Duck" (a study of a very successful
      rice/duck/loach operation in Viet Nam) for an example of how his
      ideas can be applied in the Real World with great environmental and
      economic success.)

      From the Rodale Press:

      ""The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the
      cultivation and perfection of human beings," Masanobu Fukuoka writes
      in his book "The One Straw Revolution." He has spent 30 years
      perfecting his agricultural techniques on his fertile farm in
      southern Japan. Fukuoka says that his approach to agricultural
      problems always starts with the question, "How about not doing such
      and such?" in contrast to most agricultural thinking which
      presupposes that we can improve on nature.

      Mr. Fukuoka has decided not to plow, not to grow rice in flooded
      fields, and not to use machinery to sow or harvest. What he does do
      on his farm is documented in this unique record of a full year of
      overlapping crops."

      This series on human-scale sustainable agriculture, inspired by
      Howard Shapiro's excellent book, GARDENING FOR THE FUTURE OF THE
      EARTH, continues at the Blue Ridge Center in Purcellville, VA
      (www.brces.org), Thursday evenings at 7pm, in the trailor this week.
      It is presented by the Blue Ridge Center intern program. Call or
      email Allan Balliett to reserve a chair: 540 668 6165

      April 25 - Rudolf Steiner and Biodynamic Agriculture - Video: Alex
      Podolinsky in Australia

      May 2 - Alan Chadwick and French Intensive Biodynamic Gardening -
      Video: Garden Song

      May 9 - John Jeavons - Biointensive Gardening - Video: Circle of Plenty

      May 16 - Masanobu Fukuoka - One Straw Revolution/Nature Gardening -
      Video: The Close to Nature Garden

      May 23 - Bill Mollison - Permaculture - Video: World Gardener

      May 30 - Elaine Ingham - The Soil Foodweb - Video: Life in the Soil


      Plan now to attend the 2002 Mid-Atlantic Biodynamic Food and Farming
      Conference at the Blue Ridge Center October 4-6, 2002 in Neersville,
      VA. Featured speakers include Howard Shapiro, Glen Atkinson, Elaine
      Ingham, Hugh Lovel, Hugh Courtney, James Demeo, Jerry Brunetti, Will
      Winter, and, of course, Mark Shepard. For more info, see
      www.gardeningforthefuture.com (under preparation) or contact Allan
      Balliett at igg@... or 540 668 6165
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