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Re: Natural Farming in Australia/Thailand

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  • Matthew Bond
    I m in the desert, outback Australia. This is how it s been for millenia. There have never been any ploughing machines out here. The only farming is of
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 14, 2006
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      I'm in the desert, outback Australia. This is how it's been for
      millenia. There have never been any ploughing machines out here.
      The only 'farming' is of cattle. My work is in a country town and
      I'm trying to establish home gardens in town on 1/4 acre blocks.
      It's a project to improve the health of the indigenous members of
      the community who suffer from diabetes and renal disease in chronic
      proportions. There are a lot of mines in the area. It'd be great if
      we could grow barley, wheat or rice in the back and front yards -
      the thing is no other type of grass has really taken off here as you
      walk outside onto bare compacted soil (with rock about a foot down!)
      It gets up to 50 degrees here in summer! The town trucks in all of
      its supplies. Fallen gum tree leaves have toxins in them which kill
      off anything else that wants to grow within a certain distance of
      them too so if you want to do gardening, you have to remove gum

      My beans are dying from the hot winds and heat of the sun so I'll
      have to build some kind of shelter for them. Melons seem to grow
      well as do zucchinis.

      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Ingrid Bauer / Jean-Claude
      Catry" <instinct@...> wrote:
      > i am curious at the reason why the land is bare and how it got
      devoid of plants .
      > assuming a machinery did the job and remove the upper layer of the
      topsoil, as much as possible to speed up the process of recovery i
      will add a layer of decaying organic matter after seeding .Nature ,
      naturally will use pionner plants to do it ,in case you want to have
      some return from that plot the first year sow plants analog in their
      ecological function to the wild ones that will come naturally.
      > jean-claude
      > I'm astounded at the wealth of information in this group! Thanks
      > for all your help guys. I have one more question for the time
      > being: if you're working just with bare soil, is there any
      > preparation required?
      > Matthew.
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