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  • Mark Moodie
    ... Thanks. Mostly I do, as does the research fund and the tree tax which mitigates the use of paper. ... I think the drying and the sowing date are
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 20, 2006
      On 19/7/06 10:40 pm, "fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com" wrote:

      > 1a. Re: Bonfils book Posted by: "Ingrid Bauer / Jean-Claude Catry"
      > instinct@... natural_wisdom2000 Date: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:39 am
      > (PDT)
      > hello Mark
      > i am sorry to hear that you did'nt benefit for your work in writting this
      > booklet .

      Thanks. Mostly I do, as does the research fund and the 'tree tax' which
      mitigates the use of paper.

      > It is the first time that i put my hand on the precise working of the
      > method after having heard about it for so many years and i will have not
      > read it if i had to pay for it .so i am rather please by this opportunity now
      > question is , am i more advanced that i read it ?
      > being a non grain eater, i din't have much incentive to try ( apart that i am
      > living in a forest) now that i have chickens and more light it gave me the
      > confidence to try it . I am curious of your own experience and trials and of
      > any learning you might had about what can go wrong in the method -----
      > here ( west coast canada in the rain shadow of vancouver island and olypic
      > peninsula) , because the summers are so dry ( at least after july 15th when
      > the soil is really drying out ) i am wondering if earlier sowing might be
      > necessarry . i read about successive sowing later during the summer . is it to
      > complete the holes left by unsuccessful 1rst sowing or to makes the stand
      > denser than 60 cm spacing? jean-claude

      I think the drying and the sowing date are independent variables. The sowing
      date relates to the T-sum of the crop. Moisture conservation is going to be
      your best friend if there is real a dry summer.

      I think it is very sensible to have some spares in pots for later
      transplant. Let us know how you get on.

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