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Re: [fukuoka_farming] it was a good day of peace...Bangalore

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  • Anuradha Desikan Eswar
    Dear Napi: Thanks for the information. I would attempt to see if anyone within this group or their contacts would also join hands with the other NGOS who are
    Message 1 of 4 , Apr 17, 2006
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      Dear Napi:

      Thanks for the information. I would attempt to see if anyone within this group or their contacts would also join hands with the other NGOS who are attempting to scatter seedballs before monsoon this year.

      warm regards
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      Dear Radha,

      The link for the 2006 EcoCities Conference is:


      Although the deadline is past for submitting to be a major presenter, there are many opportunities for small break-away committees to form. You may or may not be the only Fukuokan presence at this gathering, but it could make important connections if someone who has natural gardening already in mind can be sure to offer it there. Please look into it & tell us what you think.

      Best wishes,
      Napi, Richmond, Virginia, USA

      Here is some of the main information from the home page:

      Mr. Rajeev Kumar, Chief Organizer of Ecocity Six, Bangalore, India, 2006

      A Note on "Project Agastya"
      "A hundred times everyday, I remind myself that my inner & outer life depend on he labors of other men, living & dead, and that I must exert myself in order to give in the same measure as I have received."
      - Albert Einstein, Celebrated Scientist & Thinker

      Project Agastya, an initiative of the 25/Bangalore Foundation, is a unique experiment in Bangalore - a Citizens' voluntary initiative with active support, co-operation & participation of the Central & Karnataka Governments, the industry, Educational & Research Organisations, NGOs, Residential Associations, Community Based Organisations, facilitators, experts, etc., for transforming Bangalore into a Sustainable eco-city by 2025.

      Lead by prominent citizens of Bangalore such as Justice M N Venkatachalaiah (Rtd.), President, The 25/Bangalore Foundation [Former Chief Justice of India], Dr. A Ravindra, IAS (Rtd.), Chairman of the Steering Committee [Former Chief Secretary to the Government of Karnataka], etc., The 25/Bangalore Foundation & Project Agastya seeks to enhance the quality of life in Bangalore by transforming Bangalore into an Sustainable eco-City within a time frame, through efficient participation of Government, various stakeholders & NGOs, and deployment of Environmentally Sound Technologies.

      Project Agastya has been working on Ecocities and planning & development of 'Cities of the Future'. Project Agastya along with several reputed Organizations ? local & international ? are organizing an International Convention of the Cities of the Future, at Bangalore, with Satellite/Partner events in all major cities of the World. The main event is scheduled to be held at Bangalore during July/August 2006. The highlight of the Convention is the Sixth International Conference on Ecocity Development that comes to Bangalore after 5 successful conferences at various cities around the world. The theme of the Bangalore Conference is "From Planning to development and the Future of Sustainable Ecocities".

      Project Agastya has done pioneering work in several of its initiatives such as Urban Water Resources Management (incl. Water Conservation, Stakeholder participation, Pollution control, Rain Water Conservation, etc.), Integrated (Solid) Waste Management, E-Waste Management, Eco-Tourism, Urban planning/Eco-cities, Integrated & Sustainable Energy Management, etc.
      P K Shanbhag
      Project Agastya
      E-Mail : project.agastya@...
      Mobile : (+91) 98861 94776/98801 07467

      Rajeev Kumar
      Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer,
      Project Agastya
      E-Mail : Rajeev.agastya@...
      Mobile : (+91) 98861 94776/98801 07467
      "All Mankind waits upon our decision. A whole world looks to see what we will do. We cannot fail their trust. We cannot fail to try. " - John F Kennedy, Former US President

      Anuradha Desikan Eswar wrote:

      > No. Please do give me more details about this. If we can rope in more support, we shall do more. At present the drawing table has NGOs like Altech Foundation, Navachetana Trust and Foundation for Ecological Security on paper. I am from MARGAbandhu Consultants. We are basically innovation consultants. We also involve ourselves in many social/environmental projects and this is one such. When Altech Foundation approached us with a a need to plant many trees, our study lead us to Fukuoka's technique which admirably seems to be one which can make an impact naturally and with less effort.
      > Warm regards
      > Radha


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