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Re: New Natural Farming Resource!

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  • Sam Malcomson
    ... of ... get ... as ... less ... farmers ... to ... the ... young ... Bula. I am new to the group, being in only a couple of days. I have developed some
    Message 1 of 19 , Apr 6, 2006
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "kjetjo" <kjetjo@...> wrote:
      > Hi!
      > Anyone mind if I take up this thread?
      > As mentioned in the message below, there is obvious advantages to
      > natural ways of feedin' the world, from a market-perspective. It
      > frustrates me though, to see this knowledge just fade in some kind
      > information overload.
      > What worries me, is that proven ways of increasing yields do not
      > out to the public. In my parts of the world, Norway, the extremely
      > conservative approach to organic agriculture is showing itself in
      > piles of projects, government subsidies, papers, debates and on and
      > on. This happens while some involved in more "radical" approaches
      > natural farming and biodynamical agriculture are producing double
      > yields and hanging around in their hammocks double the time of
      > conventional farmers.
      > How do I get to learn about this? By reading articles in more or
      > underground publications and on online forums like these(very
      > interesting ones even :). Why isn't this out where people and
      > can learn about this?
      > I have recently noticed that even working enviromentalists are
      > beginning to give in to agrobusiness propaganda and taking the
      > arguments that heavy-duty chemical/GM-agriculture is the only way
      > feed the world. The consequenses to this being taken lightly can be
      > horrible. Modern agriculture will have no way out. Norway has a ban
      > on GM-foods, but regulations are slackening every day because there
      > is more and more coming in via feeds and other sources of
      > contamination.
      > My appeal to those who can speak and be listened to: please take
      > capitalist-market-bull by its horns and prove them wrong! It's
      > beginning to get kinda urgent!
      > I know that making this a marketing thing may be against some
      > principles, but one has to be pragmatic when it comes to facing a
      > locomotive as the agrobusiness is.
      > Anyways, this may just a little peace of blabber from a worried
      > man, but I hope some of you are sharing my concerns.
      > Greetings and best hopes for the future.
      > Kjetil

      I am new to the group, being in only a couple of days. I have
      developed some interest in non till gardening of late however gorwing
      out of other environmental interests and concerns of mine. I have not
      much to offer to this debate apart from a personal observation. My
      wife is interested in a small back yard vege garden so my initial
      trial is a no dig raised bed with no till experimentation. I am not a
      huge fan of veges, having a fairly selective range of likes. If
      however, I am going to put some sweat and toil in getting this off
      the ground and some ongoing work to keep it humming along, I should
      start to eat what I produce. That is the end goal. I have made a
      start in growing what I eat, localised food production. The plan
      realised will be me eating, and heaven forbid even liking, a wider
      variety of vegetables. I hate orange carrots, I may get to like white
      carrots. Small steps taken by many people can make a big difference.


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