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Re: [fukuoka_farming] A newbie starting in New Zealand

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  • Jonathan Santeramo
    My wife and I just spend 4 months in NZ wwoofing on different farms all over NZ. We would have loved to help you with your new farm. We ve been organic
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 8, 2006
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      My wife and I just spend 4 months in NZ wwoofing on different farms all over NZ. We would have loved to help you with your new farm. We've been organic growers in the past and I've read all of Fukuoka's books that are in english. Too bad we couldnt have met.

      A good resouce to consult about the health of you soil is the Soil Food Web lab located near Hamilton. They test and consult farmers and growers regarding the biology in their soil, compost and compost teas. If you going to use some science, they practice "good science". Good luck!

      Sue Martin-Smith <suems@...> wrote:
      Hello everyone. My name is Sue Martin-Smith, and I am about to embark
      on a wonderful journey on my own 10 acres of Paradise here in Taranaki
      (west of the North Island, New Zealand). I was reading up on organics,
      permaculture etc, when I stumbled across one of Fukuoka's books in our
      local library. The more I read, the more determined I became to give
      this a go - he seemed to describe exactly what I want to achieve with
      my own place.

      However, as a complete novice to all of this, I have several questions.

      First, are there any "Fukuokans" (if there is such a word) in New
      Zealand? I'd love to meet someone relatively local, and see what can
      be achieved in our climate.

      Second, are there any "Idiot's Guide" type books I should get with
      specifics on what to start with, etc? Any websites I should be reading?

      Third, in looking for seeds etc, I notice that most of the fruit trees
      for sale are grafted. This seems un-natural to me, so why do almost
      everyone use them?? Apart from the time saved in buying trees already
      several feet high, are there any advantages in growing from seed,
      cuttings or seedlings?

      I look forward to meeting you all online, and learning from your

      Kind regards,

      Sue MS.

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