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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Fw: Calling pioneers - Business in Development Challenge opportunity

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  • Ingrid Bauer / Jean-Claude Catry
    Apart the fact that post is completelly off topic , reading this message leave me sad and concerned for the many peoples who struggle to eat and live
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 20, 2006
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      Apart the fact that post is completelly off topic , reading this message
      leave me sad and concerned for the many peoples who struggle to eat and
      live properlly ( meaning without being part of an economy that is
      destructive by nature )

      this proposition reinforce the idea that poverty can be adressed by
      creating new business, it stem from the assumption that wealth can be
      measured by the amount of cash one can makes and hoard.when in fact ....

      real wealth is experienced when someone have access to the means to fulfill
      their basic needs to drink breathe shelter and feed themselves, healthilly
      with relative ease and without compromising the wealth of other beings and
      the earth, and also , as fondamentally , when are met the needs for
      connection ( love compasion , cooperation , security etc ) , for
      autonomy,for meaning and for peace.

      as a fact this present day economy have created more scarcity for more
      peoples than ever and have compromised the health of the earth and so of
      future generations

      Poverty is the intrinsic component in the design of this economic system
      that project trick people to become dependant on .
      without impoverishing the many there is no financial wealth possible for
      the few.

      if there is something that need to be adressed in economic terms to
      eliminate poverty, is the dissolution of the possibility that one can makes
      money by the simple fact of lending money and also that one can makes money
      by mining ressources without accompting the degradations and pollutions .
      businesses externalise thoses for others to pay ( the poor who are denied
      can't afford the fresh air , water and nourishing foods )
      an interest free economy will do wayyyy... more to eliminate poverty than
      encouraging somebody or a country to indebt themselves to create new
      business .

      internalising the cost of the loss in quality of life , into businesses
      accompting will do more to enrich the dispossessed.

      we know in advance who will profit from those new business ( the allready
      rich people and countries)

      the present octopus economy as Masanobu fukuoka call it ( many arms that
      drain ressources , peoples , energies to feed the greedy mouth of the rich )
      is responsible to leurr people into the belief that wealth can be accessible
      by participating in this huge monopoly .
      only few knows the rules of that gigantic game and can takes advantage of it

      the real work of eliminating poverty can start when diversion of trying to
      catch up in financial terms is set aside and deprioritized in favor of
      reconstruction of the means to real wealth.
      regreenning and healing the metabolism of the earth while restoring justice
      in all our connections .

      i am aware that my statements sems to be harsh toward what seems to be a
      good idea and would like to let you know in which context i received this
      post .

      a group dedicated to restorative justice have invinted a group of elders of
      the first nation saanich( south ouest canada) to talk to the inhabitants of
      our island .
      by treaty the native of that tribe still own the right to the ressources
      of their territorry ( that extended to the san juan island in the states ).
      it have never been respected as now the whole aera is colonised by...
      squaters. us, the inhabitant of the gulf island and saanich peninsula .
      i heard the stories of how abondant the fish ,crabs , shellfish game , camas
      etc...were , i heard the story of a summer fresh water source in a little
      island that have been relied on for thousands of years that is now dry (
      somebody far away on an other island made money drilling the well and using
      this water that dried it up ).
      i heard of stories of the freedom and autonomy each familly enjoyed to
      fulfill their needs , the clams crabs and salmon so easelly gathered...
      today they said the salmon is gone, finish , the clams are polluted , the
      crabs all undersized, water is becoming scarce and above all freedom of
      access to the means of leaving denied .
      all of the above have been transformed in dollars that one can have access
      to, if only they contribuate to the further degradation of themselves ( as
      for them everything outside of their bodies were once peoples ,the island ,
      the salmon or the blade of grass ).
      to stay on topic in relationship to that post .
      i wish money return in the hands of the dispossessed to allow them to wean
      themselves from the dependance on money economy by planting , caring for
      rich ecosytems , ... not to makes more money and so agravate paradoxically
      poverty .
      ( i read you can get this money if you demonstrate there is financial return
      in 3 years )
      who is going to be helped to work to create ecosytems that require decades
      to establish .?
      who is going to be be supported to do sustenance farming ?
      why is there money for cash crops farms and sustenance farming made
      impossible .?

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      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Fw: Calling pioneers - Business in Development
      Challenge opportunity

      > Thought you, or others in your network, might be interested in this
      > opportunity of the Business in Development Challenge:
      > http://www.bidnetwork.org/set-26-en.html
      > Feel free to pass it on to innovative social entrepreneurs you know...
      > "The BiD Challenge is offering ?150.000 in start-up finance for plans that
      > combine income generating business with poverty reduction in a feasible
      > way.
      > Finalists can win up to ?25.000 for their busines plan. But thats not all!
      > As a result of participating in the BiD Challenge 2005 more participants
      > were able to start their business through investor financing than as prize
      > winners - so present your plan in the best possible way through the BiD
      > Challenge and in the BiD Network! Anyone of any nationality can join. As
      > long as your business plan is for a developing country. If you are serious
      > and motivated about creating business that reduces poverty in a developing
      > country read on..."
      > May Peace prevail,
      > Malika
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