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Re: Planting nut and fruit trees from seed

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  • karoubas
    ... I can give you my own experience, which is not that extensive, but I hope it helps. Using the typical clay balls ( 1/2 to 1 diameter has not been
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 20, 2006
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, The Lund family <lundfam@...>
      I can give you my own experience, which is not that extensive, but I
      hope it helps.

      Using the typical clay balls ( 1/2 " to 1" diameter has not been
      effective)- they tend to melt away/dissolve during the winter time -
      for seeds that need to stay out all winter before they sprout, seed
      balls have not helped me - I have tried for two seasons to grow trees
      in a local park (Thessaloniki Greece), that was burned 10 years ago,
      with no success. Panos Manikis has the same difficulties. This year we
      tried clay pellets - they are about 3" in diameter, and about 1.5"
      thick - see the photo section). In the mix we included fibers (cotton
      or horse hair), and organic/natural glue in small amounts - in
      addition manure or compost material may be added if the area you are
      broadcasting is difficult.

      The idea behind the fibers and glue is to hold the pellet together
      during the winter rains and snow, until it is time for the seeds to
      sprout - the manure/compost will give the young plant some food when
      it is starting out.

      The size of the pellet is such that it will trap moisture under it for
      the difficult summer months.

      We broadcast some pellets this fall, and they have survived intact -
      most of them. I made about 700 this winter and have broadcast them - I
      hope it will work.


      Panos has moved to a small building on his farm - his phone is not
      operational, and it may take some time to get it squared away.

      > Hi All,
      > I'm planning on planting a large variety of nut and fruit trees, vines
      > and bushes around our property this spring. I've ordered the seeds, and
      > the typical instructions will be to pack them in a moist medium and
      > chill in refrigerator for 100 days. I'm planning my approach and
      > considering seedballs. Has anyone here planted these types of things
      > this way? Do you bother with the stratification, or just make the
      > seedballs and put them under the snow? Or, might you go ahead and chill
      > them, and then make seedballs and throw them out in spring?
      > Thanks for any advice!
      > Meg
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