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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Urine recipes and advice (Was "As an aside..."

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  • Berin Erturk
    Hello Kate, Group archives are interesting to browse but don t expect to find a recipe of which seeds to put together in seedballs. That was also my question
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 30, 2006
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      Hello Kate,
      Group archives are interesting to browse but don't expect to find a "recipe" of which seeds to put together in seedballs. That was also my question to this group and I still don't have an answer! "Wheat-alfa alfa-?" (summer grain still missing) Why not start with a duo instead of a trio?
      Once you are out in the fields and start to observe, to listen, to feel - things will seem much different.
      Good luck.
      Berin Erturk
      Jade Farm, Turkey

      "Katherine T." <BeltaineBabe@...> wrote:
      Thanks everyone for the great information.
      It is a "relief" (pun intended) to know that all the residual
      vitamins, minerals and nutrient supplements I now take for wellbeing
      will be redirected into my garden. More bang for my nutrition buck!

      I did find the below website on the lore and logic of using urine in
      gardening. It is called "Liquid Gold."

      It looks to be a good investment.

      Most pharmacologic metabolites found in urine are photodegradable,
      so they break down in soil probably better than if flushed into the
      sewer system.

      I once mentioned my saving urine for gardening at work and got a
      horrible cringing revulsive response there. Won't do that again. I
      am very happy with the response I received from all of you who
      responded. Thanks again.

      Would anyone care to comment on what kinds of seeds they have
      combined in their seedballs. I am going to buy some seeds for my
      first attempt at seedballing and it would be nice to know what
      others have had success with. I need to go back into the archives
      and have a look at all the old posts to see if I can mine some good
      advice there, too.

      Thanks again,

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