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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Natural farming in infertile lands

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  • yuva senthil
    Dear Madam, I am glad to introduce myself for first time in fukoko farming group. I am from India. I am final year B.Tech. (Horticulture) student of Tamil
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 25, 2006
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      Dear Madam,

      I am glad to introduce myself for first time in fukoko farming group. I am from India. I am final year B.Tech. (Horticulture) student of Tamil nadu Agricuiltural University, Coimbatore.
      Since I am from farm family and having chosen Horticulture as the bread winning course I have tried out some experiments in my farm in last 4 years. I want to share my first and little experience in my infertile land with you firstly.
      The infertility of the land is caused due to the climatic factors of the low rainfall, extreme temperatures and slope of the land.

      It is essential that to fix the carbondioxide in the air in the farm of organic carbon in the soil to enhance the soil physical, chemical and biological properities of the soil.
      so to fix the organic carbon the people normally grow green manure crops, adding the farm yard manures and also practice the sod culture(A way of natural farming with out removing the weeds).
      Your wish is to go for natural farming and itis possible only if you select the plant which can come very well in your eco- system i.e. the plant can thrive and wont die but it produces friut only if the favorable conditions of the weather prevailing in that particular year. This stage will not came initially, but when the eco system stabilize itself for some years(5-10 years).
      The natural farming is not possible commercially for the market but for the home gardens were the requirement in low to satisfy the basic needs of the family.

      THis is my experience in my farm. I am growing the custard apple, guava, tamarind and pome granate in my farm which comes quite well after one years of irrigation but fruits only in the favorable condition of weather.

      My farm is situated in the low rainfall zone of less than 700mm, average temperature of 38 celcius and with low humidity (<40%) most of the days of the year. The soil is sandy loam with high porosity with low nitrogen and phosphorus content and medium potassium.

      I f you send me the details of above mentioned things of the your farm and your location I will suggest the crop and its possibility of natural farming. Normally the sustainable agriculture supported by the other units access to the crop husbandary make the things possible for natural farming/ Organic farming in all type of the cropping systems.

      You might have mailed with the interest of doing natural farming of fuako but Mr. Fukako natural farming is only suitable for the Tropical heavy rainfall areas and the other areas having the GOOD ECO SYSTEM PRODUCTIVITY(carbon sequestration). Any change in this productivity will lead to the changing in cropping pattern.

      Please reply if you have further enquiries regarding commercial production of the horticultural crops in sustainable farming.

      Thanking you,
      R.Yuva senthil kumar.B.Tech.(Horticulture)

      Thanking you,
      "partha biswas,9830511359" <kothae@...> wrote:
      Dear all,

      I am partha biswas from India.We are trying to start
      natural farming in infertile lands to help poor

      Does anybody has the experience of natural farming at
      infertile lands.Please help me.

      The tribals are to be saved from starvation.

      Thanks all
      Partha biswas

      --- terra_amore8 <terra_amore8@...> wrote:

      > Hello out
      > there,
      > Course details and a printable flyer can be found
      > on the website. If you want please forward, print,
      > post, and help get the word out. And, of course,
      > join us if you can!
      > Wendy
      > The Wilder Institute, Next Generation Permaculture
      > presents:
      > Permaculture and the Arts Design Intensive
      > Where: Frogwood Retreat Center,
      > Northern California Redwoods
      > When: May 23- June 6, 2006
      > What: Join us for a creative 14-day arts and
      > hands-on intensive! 112 hr certificated
      > permaculture design course with daily art classes,
      > movement, yoga & theatre.
      > Who: Permaculture Teachers: Joel
      > Glanzberg and Jenny Pell
      > with Byron Delvin Gelin,
      > Jamie Mulligan Smith, & Wendy Breiby
      > Visionary Artists: Mariela
      > de la Paz and Nemo
      > Movement and Yoga: Nala
      > Walla and Michael Suzerris
      > Raw Food Chef: Bruce
      > Horowitz of the Sun Kitchen
      > Cost: $1,450 - includes delicious vegetarian
      > and raw foods made from a mix of local cuisine &
      > farm-fresh foods, accommodations in cabins nestled
      > in the Redwoods, full use of Frogwood Lodge, hot
      > tub, & trails
      > Deadline to apply: April 25th, 2006 $100 discount
      > if paid in full by April 1st.
      > $350 non-refundable deposit required. Space
      > limited to 25 students.
      > For complete details visit our website
      > www.permaculturenow.com
      > or contact:
      > Byron Delvin Gelin: delvin@... or
      > (604) 307-5566
      > Wendy Breiby: wendy@... or (503)
      > 298-4871.
      > PERMACULTURE: design principles & methodologies •
      > reading landscapes, mapping, & site analysis local
      > self-reliance • alternative economic systems • plant
      > propagation & seed saving • indigenous cultivation,
      > traditions & practices perennial polycultures &
      > developing
      > food forests • energy conservation & renewable
      > energy sources • ecosystem restoration /
      > bioremediation • hydrology & aquaculture • forest
      > management & agroforestry • natural building &
      > ecovillage design • urban permaculture strategies •
      > whole systems theory and ecoliteracy • herbs &
      > medicinal plants
      > ARTS: painting • drawing • mandala gardens • yoga
      > • ”body ecology” – contact dance, authentic
      > movement, playback theater, ritual poetry • patterns
      > in nature • sacred geometry • trellising and garden
      > art • weaving • sculpture
      > Permaculture is an ethical design system for
      > creating human environments that are ecologically
      > sound & economically viable. It integrates
      > innovative science into the conscious development of
      > cultivated ecosystems that have the diversity,
      > stability, & resilience of natural ecosystems.
      > Amor de Mama Tierra
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      Partha Biswas, National Park, PO-Naihati, Dt.-N.24 Pargs,743165,Ph.-09231539115

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