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Re: introduction of Shalini Titus(First lady natural farmer)

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  • Gloria C. Baikauskas
    Rajutitus, I think many of us feel alone in what we are doing. I wonder how many of us have seen people roll their eyes when we begin talking about our
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 10, 2005
      Rajutitus, I think many of us feel alone in what we are doing. I
      wonder how many of us have seen people roll their eyes when we begin
      talking about our projects. How many of us have heard that we need
      to clean up our gardens....that we aren't following the rules?

      I think in time the beauty of it comes through. I say that because a
      12 year old girl told me a couple of months ago that this place is
      just so beautiful. I guess seeing it through another's
      eyes...particularly a child's...is a good thing quite often.

      I thought about it for a while. I remembered after seeing in person
      a very good baseball player...and later some soccer players when my
      son was at a summer soccer camp...that healthy people exude
      beauty...a glow....even when they do not have features many would
      consider beautiful. I think it is also true of the land when it is
      healthy....or regaining its health.

      I also sometimes think about the African man know as the Man Who
      Farms Water. He was the object of envy from his neighbors who were
      so certain he was stealing their water, among other things. It was
      his farming practices, as well as the way he managed
      rainfall...water...that created all of that. He must have also felt
      very alone. I don't know if you know what I am talking about. If
      not, someone on this list may be able to give you the link to read.
      A search of the archived messages may also give it to you.

      And yet....in fashion when others find something they like, they do
      all they can to copy it. Maybe that will eventually happen with
      Natural Farming, too.

      We can all come together on this group to stop such lonliness amongst
      us. You, and your wife, are great additions to this list.

      Gloria, Texas

      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, rajutitus lal
      <rajuktitus@y...> wrote:
      > Dear fukuoka farming friends,
      > I am rajutitus husband of shalini
      intoducing her as a first lady natural farmer . in 1988 when masanobu
      fukuoka was in india he also visited Titus natural farm. At that time
      shalini was beignner in just third year,but after seeing her efforts
      he gave her number one and as a teacher he gave the farm 60% marks,he
      told that for another 40% you will have to wait.He told that he was
      coming from America where near about one third of land is converted
      in to desert due to wrong way of agriculture pratice.He told that I
      am giving you number one because you are taking crops in this grass
      [long grass called kans grass locally with deep roots], this grass is
      a sign of desertification which comes due to heavy grassing and
      tilling.At that time our land was also some thing like desert due to
      previous practice of scientific agriculture.Thanks to great man now
      our land has become full green. we are getting better yield,taste
      and quality.We are not marketing natural food but
      > sharing with ill people. so many friends are healed by this
      food.In india land is convertingin to desert and people are becoming
      sick due to chemical farming with ploughing.Friends before joining
      this group we were alone but with your friendship we are again
      getting strength.When we were in Sanchi(Budhist pilgrimage India)
      with fukuoka he was worried about the future of naturalfarming when
      only handful of people were doing natural farming.Now scenario has
      changed more and more people are part of this philosphy.This
      introduction is just for our encouragement please
      comment. .Friendsexcuse me for my poor English.
      > thanks-RajuTitus.For photo
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