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RE: [fukuoka_farming] foliar vegetarianism??

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  • Carol
    I ve heard a lot about these folks. They re usually called instinctos . The official name for the notions behind the diet is anopsology, invented by a
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 8, 2002
      I've heard a lot about these folks. They're usually called
      "instinctos". The official name for the notions behind the diet
      is anopsology, invented by a Frenchman named Guy-Claude Burger.
      There is a lot of controversy surrounding it nowadays, because
      Burger has been accused of some sort of sex crime against
      children (some say such activities are part of his philosophy).

      You can read a lot more by starting with the list of links at


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      > I'm not sure when it was, maybe 5 years ago, I picked
      > up a harrowsmith, or motherearthnews seed savers
      > edition(I can't remember which), and in it was an
      > article about a woman on Salt Spring Island, near
      > Vancouver B.C.. She spoke of her orchard/garden, done
      > fukuoka style from graftings of heritage trees on the
      > island, and of the dried fruit business that her and
      > her partner ran. Each individual fruit was
      > selectively picked only when at it's optimum ripeness,
      > and was dried at a very low temperature. All of her
      > customers say they make the best dried fruit they ever
      > tasted. Her and her husband practiced what they
      > called an instictive diet. The diet was all raw food,
      > although some was dried. They did not juice food, but
      > they did reconstitute dried food in water. They only
      > ate that which gave them a pleasant smell, and only if
      > they were hungry. I had the pleasure of meeting the
      > couple by chance, at a primitive life skills gathering
      > near Nelson B.C.. The gentleman was French, and said
      > that he learned about this way of life in France, and
      > that there was a school of sorts there where people
      > went to study, and understand the instinctual diet.
      > People that had been raised in this diet were free of
      > disease, well muscled, and could detect poisonous
      > mushrooms by their scent. The more one followed the
      > instictual diet, the better food tasted, and the
      > better the body absorbed the nutrients. The
      > description of how the greater society is living, as
      > compared to the instictual diet is this: they have
      > substituted the not-bad, for the truly sublime. The
      > discussion workshop that I took with them was very
      > interesting to say the least. Has anybody on this
      > list heard of this, and/or have more information?
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