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Re: Anybody tried growing Basmati rice? Plus an introduction.

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  • Gloria C. Baikauskas
    I don t know, Berin. I think it is happening globally. My fruit trees also did not bloom this year. My grapes are not going to have grapes this year for the
    Message 1 of 10 , Aug 8, 2005
      I don't know, Berin. I think it is happening globally. My fruit
      trees also did not bloom this year. My grapes are not going to have
      grapes this year for the first time. My tomatoes are ripening, but I
      didn't plant very many. One of my friends had so many tomatoes this
      year they really almost wish the plants would die. They also live
      here. The only thing he did differently is that he added calcium to
      his soil where the tomatoes are. Research does show that both
      tomatoes and potatoes do better when calcium is added. That isn't
      very Fukuokan.....but I thought I would tell you. The yields are
      reportedly 25% higher with calcium.

      I mentioned in an earlier post tonight that this same report has been
      repeated on the organic gardening list I own. I do not know if it is
      global warming,etc.

      Gloria, Texas

      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "berinerturk"
      <berinerturk@y...> wrote:
      > There, tomatoes are not ripening as they should; here, peppers
      > are "no good" this season. Apple trees in our region (northeast
      > Turkey) did not blossom at all. A friend who arrived last week from
      > Austria said it was the same there. Experienced farmers cannot say
      > what is wrong.
      > Could it be because of global warming and climate changes?
      > Berin Erturk
      > Jade Farm, Turkey
      > --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, Steve Gage <sgage@t...>
      > > garden03048 wrote:
      > >
      > > >
      > > >I garden in N. central Massachusetts. Not purely organic, but I
      > > >seldom use insecticides or herbicides. The exceptions are
      > spraying
      > > >against the lily beetle and against poison ivy. There are
      > to
      > > >my tolerance.
      > > >
      > > >Has been a mostly good year for the garden, but my tomatoes are
      > slow
      > > >to ripen in spite of all the heat and humidity we have had. I
      > didn't
      > > >get to start them (from seed) till April. Do they need to be
      > older
      > > >to ripen?
      > > >
      > > >anthony zone 5
      > > >
      > > >
      > > My tomatoes aren't ripening as quickly as I'd like, either. In
      > fact, I'm
      > > a bit bothered by the situation. If you started them in April,
      > > plants are plenty mature enough. I don't know what it is - you'd
      > think
      > > that the weather we've been having would make things earlier
      > than
      > > later. At least they're not deep, dark green - I mean, there are
      > signs
      > > of ripening. But not a blush of pink or orange yet...
      > >
      > > Speaking of tomatoes, the hornworms have struck in the last
      > of
      > > days, as I knew they would. I've been plucking them off and
      > flinging
      > > them to my chickens. These things get so big that some of them
      > actually
      > > intimidate the chickens a bit. I threw one of them (must have
      > a
      > > quarter pounder :-) about 30 feet, across the fence to where the
      > > chickens were scratching, and actually heard a big thump when it
      > hit the
      > > ground! I don't know how they get so big so fast. Well, yes I do -

      > they
      > > do it by eating my tomato plants!
      > >
      > > Still plenty of growing season left - we must be patient. But I
      > want
      > > some tomatoes!
      > >
      > > - Steve
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