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  • Golden Love
    Jean Claude, Are you still in need of a place to pitch a tent in Santa Cruz? If so, how many are in your family? Golden Love Love s Gardens Creating and
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 9, 2005
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      Jean Claude,

      Are you still in need of a place to pitch a tent in Santa Cruz? If so, how
      many are in your family?

      Golden Love

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      From: Sampath Jagannathan [mailto:poojyum@...]
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      Hello Sandeep:

      All of Fukuoka's books are available in India from
      Oasis Books, 17, Kuthchery Road, Chennai (Madras).
      They are published in Chennai too by a company called
      Bookventure. I guess you may still be an Indian
      citizen with some family in India who can maybe get
      these books and mail them to you in Australia. The
      books cost Indian Rupees 150 (One Straw Revolution),
      300 (Natural way of Farming) & 300 (Road back to
      Nature) respectively.

      The best way to start if you dont have a garden is to
      buy some (organic) compost put it in a medium size
      plastic bag (grocery bags are quite good), punch a few
      holes in them and sow vegetable or any seed u like.
      After the seed has sprouted and seedling is maybe 3-4
      inches, put uncooked kitchen waste - vegetable, fruit
      remains, avoid meat to prevent vermins - , coffee
      grounds, tea grounds etc around the plant. This
      basically conserves water and u can water the plant
      sparingly - maybe once every 10 days or so. The plant
      will grow and bear vegetable or fruit.

      The best advice as Fukuoka says 'I am a seed sower'.
      Sow seed and off you go!


      example of vegetables I have grown in grocery bags
      especially tomatoes: http://www.poojyum.com/pics/

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