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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Alice's small orchard

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  • alice@am464.net
    Hi jean-claude :) (I first heard about Fukuoka from your family vision statement, linked to by the awesome Ingrid from the continuum concept support forum.)
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 14, 2004
      Hi jean-claude :)

      (I first heard about Fukuoka from your family vision statement,
      linked to by the awesome Ingrid from the continuum concept
      support forum.)

      Such great questions! I love what you have written there. It
      really cheered me up this morning. Brought a smile to my face
      and a joyful feeling in my heart. You're pointing out exactly
      what I wasn't focusing on, and to think about that is really
      good, it shows me where my heart is.

      This is the next deeper level of my engagement with the land that
      I love. I am requesting that it teaches me about the natural way
      of farming in this bioregion. I am asking for food my family can
      eat, and for the opportunity to spread the idea to others of how
      the land wants to be engaged with, as I learn more about what
      that means practically. I want to learn with this small orchard
      so that in the future I might be able to live with a larger plot
      of land.

      Thanks for your practical suggestions as well. I will definitely
      be asking more questions on that side of things as I get



      Quoting Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry

      > natural farming aim is not to grow crops but the perfection of
      > human beings as masonobu wrote us so the first question to ask
      > yourself is :what do i need , want and what do i see the
      > land offering me ? from there the relationship between you
      > and that piece of land can establish . you seem to have
      > allready done the work of the second answer but my guess from
      > what you wrote is that you are not clear of what are your
      > needs , what you'd like this land to give to you , where do
      > you fit in that ecosystem , what are your requests from it (
      > not demands as it is open door for failure in natural farming
      > ).
      > before you read farther , please let yourself and me know
      > what are your feelings when you read that .
      > from what i got from your request. to create an instantenous
      > natural garden you will have to focus mostly on annuals and
      > preparing permanent beds that you will mulch over the winter
      > seems to be the appropriate way ,then you will sow and
      > transplant a wide variety of vegetables in association with
      > some berry producing bushes and even some small trees if not
      > treed enough .
      > the other option is to satrt from an established tree and
      > associate with it bushes and plants in a tight association
      > extending over the years the surface planted as the tree grow
      > .
      > on the grassy parts that you want clover to spread over sow
      > big strong vegetables from the cabbage ( kale , daikon,
      > mustards ) familly that can grow tall over the clover and
      > shut down the grass with the help of the clover in july they
      > will be making their seed and as the foliage wither it will
      > give you light for plants to succed to it .
      > once you will know better what you want and have more specific
      > request i will be happy to explore farther the possibilities (
      > as there is millions )
      > jean-claude
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