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A Message from Farmer Dave re: Permaculture Course in Nevada City: 9/11-9/26

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  • David Blume
    Hello Friends, farmers, permies, and alternative energy colleagues! As many of you may know, I have been working hard since 1993 heading up the International
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 11, 2004
      Hello Friends, farmers, permies, and alternative energy colleagues!
      As many of you may know, I have been working hard since 1993 heading up
      the International Institute for Ecological Agriculture (IIEA), a
      non-profit based in Aptos, California. Our two main projects continue to
      be offering Permaculture Design Certification courses and finishing our
      book on ethanol as an alternative to oil for transportation titled,
      Alcohol Can Be A Gas!. For the next year, we will be focusing most of
      our attention on finishing Alcohol Can Be A Gas! and on the subsequent
      book tour scheduled for late 2005.

      This year's permaculture design course is being operated as a
      benefit for the Alcohol Can Be A Gas! Project. I'd like to ask your
      help in getting the word out about this course. We are encouraging
      folks to take advantage of the upcoming Permaculture Design
      Certification Course being held in Nevada City, CA from September 11-26,
      2004. We will be designing a 200+ acre site, which currently houses a
      residential Quaker high school. We plan on designing the site for food,
      energy and income self-sufficiency, along with creating a biological
      endowment fund to stabilize the economic base of the school. So if you
      have been considering taking a Permaculture Design Course yourself you
      may want to take this upcoming course since next year's schedule is
      uncertain at this time as we work on book tour commitments.

      This course is a great opportunity to learn every facet of
      Permaculture and ecological agriculture from the best in the field.
      Whether you want to add Permaculture skills to your already existing
      landscaping, farming, ranching, environmental, teaching or building
      business, start a Permaculture business, help communities to feed
      themselves efficiently, earn a decent income on your own land or just
      garden and live this lifestyle in your own backyard, this class promises
      to be life-changing! This course is rich enough in material for
      professionals, yet presented in an easily comprehended format for the
      lay student.

      This course includes a one-day intensive workshop on Livestock in
      Permaculture Design on September 18 taught by Joel Salatin, an
      ecological farming pioneer. You may remember Joel Salatin as the
      keynote speaker of the Ecological Farming Conference at Asilomar this
      past winter. A few of our many other excellent course leaders are Bob
      Theis (international expert on Green Building), Ernest Callenbach
      (author of Ecotopia), Larry Korn (editor of the One Straw Revolution)
      and Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception.

      I would like to share with folks that we welcome work trade and other
      creative trades to cover the course tuition. If you are interested in
      this amazing permaculture opportunity and would like to do work trade,
      we are open to creative suggestions (for example, massage for the course
      instructors). Please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss this
      option. We also are offering a limited number of two for one deals on
      tuition (the second person will still be responsible for their food and

      We only have a tiny advertising budget for this course and we could
      really use your help in getting the word out. I have included an email
      announcement below. Feel free to cut and paste this into your own email
      and send it to those on your list you think ought to see it. Also, if
      you would be interested in posting flyers around your community to aid
      in getting the word out about this amazing opportunity, let us know and
      we will send them out to you as soon as possible. The flyer is also
      available for download on our website at:
      http://www.permaculture.com/newsletter/woolmanflyer.pdf. We would also
      be happy to send a hard copy brochure about the courses to anyone you
      think might be interested. Simply contact us with an address. Thanks in
      advance for any help you can extend us in getting the word out about
      this great course opportunity. I look forward to bringing you news of
      the upcoming book tour in the next year.

      If you are interested in learning more about our organization and the
      courses, check our website at: www.permaculture.com.

      For the Earth,
      David Blume
      Director- International Institute for Ecological Agriculture.

      P.S. You can catch me speaking on Alcohol Fuel at SolFest in Hopland
      this year on Saturday, August 21st at 4 pm. I also am doing an
      introduction to Permaculture course in Nevada City on August 15th at 4
      pm at the main library.

      Nevada City, California -- 9/11-9/26

      Get your Permaculture Certification...it will change your life!

      What: 15-Day Permaculture Design Certification Course: You will learn
      all aspects of Permaculture and use these skills to design a 200+ acre
      site for food, energy and income self-sufficiency.

      When: September 11-26, 2004

      Where: Sierra Friends Center, Nevada City, California

      Why: You will learn all aspects of Permaculture and receive your
      Permaculture Certification. It will can add value to your business, your
      life, your community. Taking this course will increase your skills,
      enhance your knowledge, and teach you the skills to live sustainably!

      How: Payment of $1477, Save $150-call now. Several Early Bird slots
      available. Work trade and other creative trades can help to cover the
      course tuition (Please contact us to discuss these options). Course fee
      includes a special One-Day Livestock Seminar on Sept. 18th (available to
      be taken separately as well), three organic meals a day, and on-site

      Who: Offered by International Institute of Ecological Agriculture, in
      conjunction with the Sierra Friends Center. Contact us (IIEA) at
      831-688-0338, 1-888-PERMACULTURE (888-737-6228), or visit our website at
      http://www.permaculture.com The link directly to the page with the
      course information is:

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