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vegetarianism & sustainability

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  • SArjuna@aol.com
    Hi, A while ago a contributor mentioned vegetarianism. As attractive as the abstract philosopy is, a purely vegetarian diet can lead to dietary
    Message 1 of 82 , Jul 19, 2004
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      A while ago a contributor mentioned vegetarianism. As attractive as
      the abstract philosopy is, a purely vegetarian diet can lead to dietary
      insufficiency in the long term. I was vegetarian (no dairy except ghee) for 30
      years, and taught veg. cooking classes, etc. as well. Quality, organic whole
      foods. However, no matter what I did my teeth got worse. I was also diagnosed
      with hypothyroidism. After a health collapse two years ago, I added eggs and
      cod liver oil. (And quit soy altogether. That is a topic in itself.) A
      year ago I added fish. I started by eating fish for supper three nights in a
      row while we were travelling. By the 3rd or 4th day, my tooth decay stopped.
      (I knew by the difference in what I smelled when cleaning my teeth.)
      Verified that with my dental hygienist.
      What inspired me to try that was reading about dental recalcification
      when nutrition is improved, in the book Nutrition & Physical Degeneration by Dr.
      Weston A. Price. He travelled the world over studying the health and
      nutrition of the different cultures. He had hoped to find a healthy vegetarian
      culture but did not.
      There is a great website based on his work. With links to discussion
      groups of people whose health was damaged by vegan diet. Many people seem to
      do alright for several years before encountering symptoms that all is not
      alright. As there is a lot of "belief" involved, and often association with a
      group of people who strongly believe in the diet as part of an ideal lifestyle,
      it can be hard for an individual to want to look at the facts and make needed
      changes. Often it's easier to think "I must just not be getting it quite
      As a quick "rule of thumb," one can look at how his teeth and gums
      are, and whether he catches colds, etc. With a nutrition-dense diet, one
      does not get dental decay.
      Inadequate nutrition is easier to take for adults than for children, as
      kids are literally building a body. Also, inadequate nutrition of the
      parents will have severe affects on a fetus, often ending in miscarriage but
      possibly in a very weak child. Offspring also likely to have crooked or crowded
      teeth, narrow dental arch, pinched nostrils, etc.
      If you are vegan, I strongly suggest you take an openminded look at the
      information at www.westonaprice.org
      By the way, I have not noticed any deleterious changes in my
      consciousness as a result of these dietary changes. No increase in anger, lust, etc.
      as some claim accompanies eating animal products. My meditation is actually
      better than before. Hey - I am healthier!
      Now, if we need to eat animal products to be truly healthy, then our
      vision of sustainability has to include how to produce them.

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    • Bart Van Audenhove
      Exactly. Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree. Martin Luther King - and me :-) ...
      Message 82 of 82 , Oct 5, 2004
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        "Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to
        pieces, I would still plant my apple tree."

        Martin Luther King - and me :-)

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        > > On 27/07/2004, at 1:46 AM, benonthenet wrote:
        > You can teach natural farming all you like,
        > > but I think that it is delusional to believe that
        > it is going to
        > change
        > > the world when faced with the overwhelming
        > destructive forces I
        > > mentioned above.
        > the colorado river carved the grand canyon. how?
        > water can't do
        > that. but it did. what is a river. a mighty force
        > that can wash
        > away mountains but it starts as a single drop.
        > i change the world. every time i plant a seed the
        > world changes.
        > when i use recycled or organic products. i change
        > the world. when i
        > decide i need to go for a long drive, i change the
        > world. we all
        > do. all the time.
        > those overwhelming destructive forces did not start
        > out that way.
        > they started small. mere drops.
        > we must be aware of what we do at all times. we
        > must observe. we
        > must consider the world around us and be aware of
        > our effect. if
        > enough people do that, perhaps we can form a mighty
        > river to wash
        > away that overwhelming destructive force.
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