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news from Kokoppeli/Dom. Guillet

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  • Beatrice Gilboa
    I ve just reiceived this following mail right now. I m sure many of you will be interested. Best wishes to everyone. Beatrice Udim, Israel ... We are happy to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2004
      I've just reiceived this following mail right now.
      I'm sure many of you will be interested.
      Best wishes to everyone.
      Udim, Israel
      We are happy to announce the creation of the Kokopelli Seed Foundation
      in USA (http://www.kokopelli-seed-foundation.com/) and the distribution
      of our book The Seeds of Kokopelli, a manual for seed production and a
      directory of heritage seeds(
      http://www.kokopelli-seed-foundation.com/seed-manual.html ) . This book
      is hard-cover, large size, with 440 pages (88 pages in color: 457 color
      pictures), available on line.

      The News, Projects page of our web site is evolving every week,
      especially the photo gallery
      new_aff_rub.cgi?code_rubrique=04) and we will welcome any news related
      to seed saving and seed production to insert it in our page News from
      American Seed Savers.

      Our mission :
      To promote charitable donations of organic, heirloom seeds and to
      promote seed-saving education to fight hunger in Third World poor

      To help rural communities in Third World countries to create community
      seed banks, seed savers networks and organic seed production groups.

      To promote in the USA, and elsewhere in the world, the creation of a
      network of voluntary organic gardeners devoted to the production of
      heritage seeds for charitable donation.

      To promote partnership with seed-savers networks, NGOs and
      international foundations involved in the increasing of food
      production, in the improving of nutrition and in the pursuit of food
      security while managing the natural resources.

      To promote educational and research programs in organic seed
      production, managing of genetic resources, reforestation, bee-keeping
      and organic sustainable gardening through workshops, publication of
      newsletters and books, and our web site.

      To promote seed consciousness: sharing of seeds and of seed saving

      Hoping you will help us to build this network of seed solidarity.

      Dominique Guillet.

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