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Abundance Farm, a possible sustainble farming project in Panama

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  • Scott Devine
    Hello friends, The point of this e-mail is two-fold and only relates to Fukuoka indirectly. The first point is solicit feedback regarding a draft of a short
    Message 1 of 1 , May 25, 2004
      Hello friends,
      The point of this e-mail is two-fold and only relates to Fukuoka indirectly.

      The first point is solicit feedback regarding a draft of a short book I just helped write, a
      book describing our plans for our upcoming project in Panama, also called Abundance Farm. Specifically, I am looking for critical feedback from those on this list-serv for these two sections in the book's appendix, which I think relate to Fukuoka the most:

      Ecology and the Role of Humans
      -A mental model of the world
      -Sustainability and the types of research and development
      -Fair share and the privileges of citizenship
      Philosophical Context
      -Philosophy, Spirituality, Practicality, the Mundane, and Happiness
      -The Relationship Between Thinking and Doing
      -Uniqueness, Escape, and Conventionality
      -The Dialectic and Successive Approximations

      Of course, it would be flattering if anyone here took it upon themselves to read the book in entirety and offer a broader critque.

      The document is available in several formats through our rudimentary website

      If you have trouble with the website, please download the file directly using
      the following URLs for doc, rtf, or html versions.


      We welcome your feedback, either directly to me (inroadsfarm@...), or to our yahoo group for this project, at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/trailblazing_green_community (you would have to join the group in order to post to it but it has open membership).

      The second point of this e-mail is to invite people who find the book interesting to consider joining our project. We are especially looking for people with knowledge of tropical agriculture in distinct dry and wet seasons. But anyone interested in living in the tropics and a "developing country" and doing farm work would be welcome.

      As a side note, I read One Straw Revolution three years ago while starting a summer internship at a college farm, organically run, in North Carolina. To say the least, Fukuoka had a very powerful effect on me. Since then, I have drifted away from what I would call my Fukuokan dogmatism, despite having 3 years of on and off contact with this list-serv, because I find value in rigorous thinking to help improve my doing. To have more harmony with natural ecosystems and to integrate with the human economy and society, as unsustainable as that system may, is my goal more or less. And I think that integration with the current human economy for maximum beneficial effect (for the purpose of engaging it in a way to get people to reflect about and change their actions) requires us to use methods which are not always the most sustainable but still better than the general trend. I don't really know if this is the right approach, and maybe it's just a cop out, but it just makes the most
      sense to me at the moment.

      Hope to hear from some of you,

      Scott Devine

      Little Washington, VA, USA

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