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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Community vision

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  • Robin, Maya, or Napi
    Dear Ingrid & Jean-Claude, Thank you for introducing us to your vision & to your family. Have you been reading
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 25, 2004
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      Dear Ingrid & Jean-Claude,

      Thank you for introducing us to your vision & to your family.

      Have you been reading
      <http://www.ecosyn.us/ecocity/Proposal/Palaces_For_The_People.html> ? It was
      introduced here by Jamie some while back. At first it may seem that the Palaces
      to have little to do with Fukuokan life choices; the founder / inventor /
      designer / engineer of the Palaces did not at first find much connection with
      the Fukuoka newsgroup members who looked into the Palaces group. As with any
      two things compared, the more the similarities are emphasized, & the goals
      focused, the more any two important ideas resonate with each other.

      The intense market farming on the outskirts of the community in the Palace
      plan is, *at least at first*, not the same as the Fukuokan farming / gardening
      option that becomes ever-more possible in the personal lives & personal space of
      the resident families of the Palace. Although some individual farmers may chose
      one way, some another, some might chose to compare several methods or
      combinations by allowing for different ways among their fields.

      From Fukuoka-san: "The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops,
      but the cultivation and perfection of human beings." The Palaces will be, as
      your community will be, built by some who are seekers of ultimate crop growing,
      & by some who are seekers of the fruit of cultivated human beings, in the
      naturally fertile growth-environment.

      Fukuoka personifies an element needed for perfection of civilization, the
      Palaces are needed for survival of the species (ours & others).

      Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry wrote:

      > we have finally finish our web page to present our willingness to built
      > community .
      > we are dedicated natural farmers and are craving to work with other peoples
      > .
      > If you feell any interest toward what we are up to , let start communicating
      > .
      > www.natural-wisdom.com/community.htm
      > Larry feel free to add to your website
      > jean-claude
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