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Re: Environmental sustainability possible within a generation???

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  • macropneuma
    ... other. ... more than ... beautiful ... go look ... sleep… just ... not need ... of spirit - ... Thankyou Beauty mate (Australian English similar to thank
    Message 1 of 13 , Feb 10, 2004
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, "Gerald Whitehawk"
      <gwhitehawk@h...> wrote:
      > Why you all fight, when all want same thing -- be bigger than the
      > That not-natural. Money, only expression non-natural want to have
      more than
      > need. When non-natural wishes fall, money non-useful. Earth
      > again. Too much in your heads, not-natural.
      > Use wise words of other people… but use them wisely? You have to
      go look
      > for your hearts in yourself, first. Natural?: eat, drink, piss,
      sleep… just
      > enough for natural necessities. Can you be happy with that? If
      not need
      > money, destroy Earth! The point of natural life, the perfection
      of spirit -
      > loosing ego.

      Beauty mate (Australian English similar to thank you)
      Arigato gozaimasu (Japanese thank you)
      I Agree including for myself.

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