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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Kucinich Campaign, Final Push This Week

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  • Stuart Baxter
    Apologies for this off topic reply, nothing to do with me of course, but this email is doing the rounds for those in the US of A: - Greetings: We re well past
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2004
      Apologies for this off topic reply, nothing to do with me of course, but this email is doing the rounds for those in the US of A: -

      We're well past the last straw by now; however, I am discovering a renewed capability of having my mind blown by the caprices of politics. No doubt everyone will receive organizing e-mails etc. on this issue, and the other egregious cuts in important sust/organic programs proposed in the Bush budget. Aargh, I'm getting a lump in my throat! How could anyone
      even think to X out ATTRA???

      From a press release by Teresa Opheim, Executive Director, Midwest Sustainable Agriculture Working Group and National Coordinator, Sustainable Ag Coalition:

      "The President's budget proposes eliminating the highly-rated and effective Appropriate Technology Transfer for Rural Areas or ATTRA program. Currently funded at $2.5 million, the program is the major source of sustainable and organic agriculture production and marketing information for farmers, extension agents, and other agricultural professionals. The proposed budget also would scale back funding for the Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program by 22 percent to $13 million. The proposal would also reduce the research and extension program to help farmers transition to organic agriculture by 74 percent to just $500,000."

      I encourage everyone to visit the MSAWG website at www.msawg.org to find out what you can do about this, and to do everything you can to get involved in this year's presidential election so that we get someone in that office who is friendlier to farmers and to the environment.

      I personally am participating in voter registration and get-out-the-vote activities, and encourage everyone who can to consider taking similar action so that we can have a real election this time."

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      From: Leland Lehrman
      To: santafeforkucinich@...
      Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 7:21 AM
      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Kucinich Campaign, Final Push This Week

      Distribute Widely, Forward to Address Books, Call Friends and Supporters.
      Now is the TIME!!!

      In the final push to the New Mexico Caucus, I got a request today from
      the National Campaign for the last time to ask everyone to contact their
      entire email list to remind them to vote for Dennis on Tuesday in New Mexico
      and several other states and over the next couple of months in the rest of
      the country. Another idea National is promoting is to make sure to bring a
      friend or family member to the caucus with you.

      Anyone who wants to make phone calls here in Santa Fe can join us at 624
      Agua Fria, Suite 4 tomorrow, Monday Feb 2nd from 2:30 until 9 PM as we make
      the final push to get all our supporters called and to the right caucus
      sites and then to reach out to the likely voters in the Democratic Party. We
      have only one phone line at the office, so bring phone lines or just come to
      pick up a list of numbers.

      Out of state please check the Kucinich Website at www.kucinich.us/calls
      for the details on how to make calls on behalf of Dennis.

      Remember, it is our responsibility to make sure that no further names
      are added to the coming Iraq War Memorial. What if they were in your family?
      Do not abandon the armed forces to their fate at the hands of an
      illegitimate President! Get the peace agenda all the way to the Democratic
      Convention in the form of Kucinich votes and delegates. We can use those
      delegates as bargaining tools to possibly sway the nomination choice and
      advance the platform.


      R. Leland Lehrman
      Dennis Kucinich for President
      815 Camino Don Emilio
      Santa Fe, NM 87507
      "We're going to do this for the children."

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