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  • jamie
    Hello everyone, I d like to offer a different response to Fukuoka s The Ultimatum of GOD NATURE: The One-Straw Revolution, A Recapitulation than Robert s,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 17, 2003
      Hello everyone, I'd like to offer a different response to Fukuoka's 'The
      Ultimatum of GOD NATURE: The One-Straw Revolution, A Recapitulation' than
      Robert's, which is not to say that Robert is wrong just tangential to my
      understanding of what Fukuoka-san wrote.

      Perhaps it can best be expressed as follows:
      The adherence to any particular method or technique that is understood to
      lead to enlightenment retains the very cause/effect, present/future dualism
      it strives to escape. To imprint such a theoretic goal onto the future
      ignores the present, causing the loss of the now, which is actually the only
      possible arena of enlightenment. In other words, Fukuoka suggests he has
      been too focussed on his ideas of farming as a means toward enlightenment
      and he should have endeavoured to fulfil the vision of God (GOD NATURE, in
      Japanese kami) that was vouchsafed to him when only 25.
      To extend my (fitfull) understanding a little further, I would say that he
      recognises that there is nothing in fact to strive for, only then are we
      able to realise 'I am that which I seek'. Since life then becomes an
      'always now' the possibility becomes an always present, yet is only realised
      when goal-directed ways of thinking and acting evaporate and reveal what we
      have always been; formless minds that are unchanging because they are
      'nothing', that are free because they are going nowhere and that do not need
      to go anywhere because they lack nothing.
      Perhaps it might also be possible to conclude that for natural agriculture
      to flourish it is not the techniques we should endeavour to follow but the
      path of our own enlightenment: that in understanding that we should
      'do-nothing' we finally allow GOD NATURE (kami) the chance to flourish.

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