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Re: [fukuoka_farming] `Re: Is life based on conformity?

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  • Sergio Montinola
    Dear All, Fukuoka s natural farming is the product of free will . Nature is to recognize a Supreme Being responsible for giving us free will and a free choice
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2003
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      Dear All,

      Fukuoka's natural farming is the product of "free
      will". Nature is to recognize a Supreme Being
      responsible for giving us free will and a free choice
      to live our lives. This is what makes Fukuoka
      attractive to us and all its advocates.

      More power to its followers and more discoveries how
      Nature can work for us and not against us.

      Sergio J. Montinola

      --- John Warner <daddyoat@...> wrote:
      > Hello everyone. Thank you Les for bringing up this
      > topic and Jamie for your comments and questions.
      > As I see it, we are all here on this earth living
      > out our programs. I use the word "programs" very
      > much in the way we understand them with respect to
      > computers--the "hardware" representing our genes and
      > the "software" representing the programming we get
      > from our life experience, our envirnment and our
      > interaction with it. I reject the idea of "free
      > will" as it is usually understood, that is as the
      > ability to make free conscious and unconditioned
      > choices. In this belief I think I am supported by
      > the whole of 20th century psychology which early on
      > gave us the theory of the unconscious and the
      > defense mechanisms. Later came behaviorism and the
      > stimulus-response theory and we now have social
      > cybernetics and family systems theory which see
      > individuals as more or less directed by their social
      > circumstances.
      > So why is it that lots of us don't seem to be able
      > to reeally "fit in"? The creative ones, Mr Fukuoka
      > and probably most all of us on this list, are able
      > to put things together in fresh ways. Hegel in his
      > theory of human progress gave us this idea with his
      > dialectic, thesis + antithesis = synthesis. So we
      > have syntheses of ecology and agriculture, forest
      > and garden, and on they go. Each of us having
      > differing genotypes and differing life experiences
      > will synthesize things in unique and interesting
      > ways so it would seem that the more we synthesize
      > the more non-conformist we appearr to become. But
      > in the end it is nothing really unique and creative,
      > nothing we can really take credit for. We build on
      > those who went before us the people with whom we
      > interact.
      > To me, the value of this list is the exposure I get
      > to new ideas which, when synthesized, offer the hope
      > of genuine probress and the hope for a better world.
      > Thanks, everyone . . . John

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