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  • jamie
    Hello Beatrice, thanks for the feedback on the beans. Certainly the shade from the leaves of the kiwi would be good and I ve sat in a local restaurant in the
    Message 1 of 20 , Nov 24, 2003
      Hello Beatrice, thanks for the feedback on the beans. Certainly the shade
      from the leaves of the kiwi would be good and I've sat in a local restaurant
      in the summer here with great bunches of the ripening fruit hanging beneath
      the leaves, away from the sun - it's a beautiful sight. I think perhaps I
      could try the lablab and kiwi together, nitrogen fixer and fruit - and both
      providing shade. We'll see, I'll let you know what happens.


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      hi Jamie,

      Sure trees here are precious to grow veggies, we have no oak here along the
      coast (there are on the drier soil up in the "montains") but as you say
      carob is perfectly adapted. I've have to open a dictionnary to "understand"
      the other varieties you suggested ...

      >> Can you let me know the particular beans you planted Beatrice as I've got
      a roof terrace that is South facing and is a furnace in the summer,

      I tried differents varieties that I had, but maybe not the more adapted,
      also I'ven't got the latin name but living in France you'll may understand
      (I'm ashamed to say that wasn't organic seeds) :

      - "phenomene vigoureux" it did well with leaves but waited that the weither
      cooled down a little to give big thicky green beans that I prefered to eat
      as grains. The plants itself climb up to 3 meters easily.
      - "mangetout violet" the best of my tries, abondant harvest and delicious
      fresh green beans (violet in colour)and didn't suffered to much from the
      heat (since I watered them). The leaves tends to be smaller if the plants
      got too much sun.
      - "coco de Prague" obviously not adapted to the mediteraneen warm!
      - I tried also a small coco (not climbing) varietie which didn't grow at

      Conclusion: I'll go back to "the mangetout violet" and will try others
      varieties maybe from Kokopelli or other organic seeds the next season.

      >> I'd love to grow kiwis but I don't think I can provide enough root room,
      a pity as they do extremely well here.

      My first intention was to grow kiwi to make shade to the veggs. But here
      kiwi gives only leaves, there is not enough cold to get fruits. So I abandon
      the project. For a terrace it seems to me more adapted but only experience
      can answer. Maybe both of them would grow together. Kiwi plants seems to me
      stronger for the place you describe, and maybe the kiwi would help the beans
      to escape of the extreme sun...You also maybe can enlarge the room for the
      root or ensure a nutritive mulch on the small space to "compense" the tiny
      room? But you probably thought of that possibility!

      Best wishes

      Udim, Israel

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