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  • Bill Maxwell
    Gloria, My apologies for jumping on the bandwagon in the middle of a discussion, but it s not Man that has the problem - it s only the people of a single
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      My apologies for jumping on the bandwagon in the middle of a discussion,
      but it's not Man that has the problem - it's only the people of a single
      culture. Left to their own devices, most people settle for a nice
      balanced lifestyle. Look at the history of the cultures that existed
      for 200,000 years before this one and at the current ones that still
      exist in their 'indigenous' state today for the proof. I bring this up
      for one reason - Hope. Since man himself is not innately that way, it
      means what is happening here can initiate a change for the better. The
      world can change and people can regain the intimacy with the earth that
      they once had.


      Bill Maxwell

      Gloria C. Baikauskas wrote:

      > Jamie.....It reminds me of a snowball. One starts with a small
      > pebble-sized bit of snow....compacts it....and rolls it in more snow
      > so that it gets gradually larger and larger. With RoundUP.....it so
      > not works anymore that Monsanto developed RoundUP 2. One would
      > expect RoundUp 3 and 4.....and so on.....if the madness continues.
      > Man seems to have this innate sense to control everything. We must
      > have neat gardens in which only the plants we decide....with no
      > intelligence involved at all....only pretty.....in the
      > selection....or tasty. We keep upsetting the balance. As Nature
      > fights back to right itself...we find ways to do the job far better.
      > Every result of our damaging interference displeases us even more.
      > Sad.
      > Gloria
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