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being drawn to fukuoka, and the earth first ideal

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  • roberto pokachinni
    Greetings all; since the discussion of how we all came to Fukuoka s ideas. For me, it was in Vancouver, B.C., where I was having a bit of a catharsis. A bit,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2002
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      Greetings all; since the discussion of how we all came
      to Fukuoka's ideas. For me, it was in Vancouver,
      B.C., where I was having a bit of a catharsis. A bit,
      I guess was an understatement. I had left highschool
      in a rural town to enter the big civilization, and
      became a cog in the machine. Upon realizing this, I
      panicked. What have I been doing with my life? What
      is this place, this thing, that I have become a part
      of? When I first saw Fukuoka's name, it was in a book
      called Growing and Using the Healing Herbs. I had an
      idea that I wanted to explore plant medicine, and a
      friend gave me this book. It was a very good text for
      someone who really wanted ideas on herbal medicine,
      and growing plants. I craved the wilderness
      surrounding my hometown. In it's descriptions the
      authors made a comment that if you wanted your herb
      garden to be as natural as possible, then you might
      want to check out the ideas of Matsonobu Fukuoka. I
      didn't at the time. But as I began healing from my
      cathartic wounds, and furthered my studies of things
      non-conventional, Fukuoka's name kept coming up, and
      continues to. As I used texts to study Mollison's
      permaculture, and the art of Bonsaii, and Biodynamic
      gardening, I kept becoming disillusioned by the
      formuli., the manipulations, and the precision of all
      that must be done for everything to be perfect, when
      Fukuoka's ideas were one step beyond all of this to a
      new ideal.
      When I think of the ideal future that fukuoka's
      ideas lead to where deserts are re-habilitated, and
      food is grown in wild ways, I think that this is
      possible. Is it possible to go back to the
      Paleolithic, to live as stone age nomads? I don't
      think so; not with the human population base where it
      is, and not with the predator/prey cycles all thrown
      out of whack by our interventions, and decimations.
      Is there a place for hunting, and gathering, in the
      future model of the Earth? I think that as the world
      becomes locally food sufficient, and the growing
      surface of the Earth is not impeded by the works of
      man, then the animals will be plentiful, and wild
      plants will be abundant, as they are bound to be
      productive in a place that is allowed to be wild.
      That was the main problem that I saw with
      civilization; things were not allowed to be wild,
      especially humans, and things that could harm humans.
      The ideas of Earth First are appealing in that there
      is a romantic image that somehow the paleolithic was
      free from strife, or if there was strife, it was
      united with survival in the elements, and so had a
      bond of spirit, and righteousness with the Earth
      Herself. I can empathize with this need. I believe
      very strongly in many of the idealogies of the far
      left environmentalists, but I also have my differences
      of opinions about the paleolithic times, and about the
      possibility of reverting back to it. Although I
      believe that this is possible in a distant future, I
      believe that we must be re-habilitaters of the arid
      lands, and we must reverse the direction of soil
      ruination, in farming, and in forestry, for the Earth
      may not be able to heal herself fast enough to recover
      from humankind's exploits. There is no indication
      through anthropology that the hunter gatherers past,
      present, or future will be free of warfare. Perhaps
      as nomadic pastoralists, or small village pastoral
      horticulturalists, we may be able to exact a future
      utopia that is without battle, and encorporates hunter
      gatherer life; certainly it is a direction that we
      could head, and let the hardcore future Paleoliths
      take over from there. I believe that all
      possibilities exist; we just have to point ourselves
      in a direction, trust our minds, pray to our spirits,
      and allow our hands the freedom. In my opinion, So it
      has been, so it is, and so it shall be. It is just
      that our civilized direction has been rather skewed
      for the past 5000 years or so, and must change to one
      that is empathetic towards the Earth's needs, to the
      needs of the greater humanity, and the balance of the
      Living Beings here on Earth. Allow Compassion to be
      the new definition of civilized, and we may have a
      chance. Sorry for the tangential rant; I hope that I
      have not offended anyone with my passionate ideals;
      but they are mine, and I wear them proudly. A born
      again Earthling.

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