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Re: [fukuoka_farming] 'Round-up and Solarization'

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  • Larry Haftl
    Hi Fanatic, ... degree ... also ... more ... skin... ... seeding). I totally agree with you (do I have to fill out any forms to become a Fanatic or just accept
    Message 1 of 4 , Nov 10, 2003
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      Hi Fanatic,

      > Solarization uses the 'greenhouse effect' to heat the soil to such a
      > as to kill plants. While this certainly is effective against 'weeds' it
      > will kill at least the top layer of microorganisms as well. Round-up will
      > have similarly lethal consequences, despite Monsanto's (the makers) claims
      > to the contrary - the surfactant used in Round-up has been shown to be
      > toxic than the herbicide (glyphosate) itself, it destroys the delicate

      > Thick mulching, sheet mulching, lasagne gardening (all being very much the
      > same beast) would seem to be the best way to control unwanted volunteers
      > (although in market operations this mulching will need to be incorporated
      > into a very well organised rotation system, especially when direct

      I totally agree with you (do I have to fill out any forms to become a
      Fanatic or just accept the label?). Were I staying here that is exactly what
      I was going to do to my weed patch. A thick layer of straw in the fall,
      simply lift it up where some weeds are able to grow through it thereby
      smothering the new growth back under the layer of straw, and then planting
      into that mulch in spring with a combination of transplants and
      direct-seeding. I am convinced that it would effectively suppress the
      "weeds" long enough to give the not-as-competitive veggies a chance to grow
      and thrive.

      I looked at solarization and it not only has some severe limitations and a
      very narrow window of opportunity in my area, but it does have a negative
      impact on the microbial life and Emilia made me a complete convert to
      helping those little critters survive and thrive. Roundup was never a
      consideration as I know what it does in reality (as opposed to what the
      manufacturer says it is supposed to do).

      Larry Haftl
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