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RE: [fukuoka_farming] Fukuoka frýends ýn greece

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  • jamie
    Bonjour a Tous, well, if you re coming overland from Turkey into Greece then I would recommend stopping off at Edessa to meet Panos (Panaiotis Manikis, Parodos
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      Bonjour a Tous, well, if you're coming overland from Turkey into Greece then
      I would recommend stopping off at Edessa to meet Panos (Panaiotis Manikis,
      Parodos Nikomidis 7,GR-58200 EDESSA,
      Tel: +30 (0) 381 27312), he's a large part of the Fukuoka-inspired
      'Greenbelt Southern Europe Project' (although things seem to be quiet for
      the moment) and has a few acres of orchards, though not olives I think. I
      have never visted myself but he seems to be one of the few, perhaps only,
      truly natural farmers in Europe - and I've heard good reports from everyone
      I've met who've visted him - this summer during a seedballing workshop in
      Italy I was told the way to cure the cracking of my pea seedballs was to
      soak them for several hours in water before seedballing, a tip from Claudio
      who'd been with Panos the year before. Claudio also told me that Panos has 6
      cement mixers going at any one time to make the seedballs that he uses for
      his reafforestation efforts around the North of Greece. In case any of you
      feel cement mixers are hardly natural I should point out that a recent home
      video of Fukuoka I've seen leading a seedball workshop (in Tokyo perhaps)
      has a cement mixer (with the paddles removed of course) as pride of place.
      Personally, I prefer to hear the birds when I make seed balls and the
      plastic drum on a central metal spindle secured to a post and turned by hand
      worked well for the acre we seedballed.


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      Subject: [fukuoka_farming] Fukuoka frýends ýn greece

      We are a couple of french, coming back from india by road(now ýn turkey!).we
      met farmers there and learn about dýfferent growýng methods in south india
      and gujarat.
      We plan to stay in greece two for organýc olive or lemon harvest. and we
      like to meet and help farmer working on natural farming and/or working on
      revegetalisatýon in greece.
      if anyone have some contacts

      remi and Amandine
      Ý use a turkýsh keyboard so some letters change and text also

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