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Re: [fukuoka_farming] I'm preparing a speech on the Fukuoka Method, I'd like your help.

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 19, 2003
      <Since 16 i've
      been doing web-research on companion planting, alternatives to pesticides,
      permaculture, agro-ecology, wild ecosystems in the state of florida and
      implementing what I can on my very limited scale (I know mostly theory, very
      little actuality and have amassed a huge library of links.)>

      That said...
      Here are my questions:
      How do you pronounce Fukuoka?

      foukouoka ( french phonetic may be english will pronounce differently the" ou "letter)

      Who here (or even who on the web) has gotten the closest to following pure
      Fukuoka method?
      i saw a farm in kerala ( india ) heard a vietnames explaining what he was doing , and me who follow fully the principles in british colombia .

      <hat other techniques do you use besides>

      as i started a greens garden on a rock bluff (only close to the house sunny spot on our forested land ) i bring organic material and a thin layer of soil every year to build up the beds quicker than nature could do left alone. everywhere else i don't bring anything from the outside except the seeds and plants .

      <Why did you become interested?>

      because i was practicing instinctive eating allready ( eating only undenatured foods eaten by themselves one after the other respecting the senses signals for appetance and repletion .the philosophy behind was so much the same ) take everything as it is without trying to improve upon what is happenning .
      as it took me over 10 years to go into pratice the instinctive eating way despite i was convinced it was what i had to do , when i read masnaobu's book i just went to practice the next day

      <And how did you find out??

      met the book The natural way of farming

      <n your own words, please tell me what you think the concept behind the
      technique is?>

      in short
      minimum intervention NO TECHNIQUES, just doing the right thing at the right time in an ever changing reality.
      a spiritaul realisation of non separation and irrelevance of discriminative thoughts ( judgements)

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