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  • Gloria C. Baikauskas
    ... grumpy, don t ... that ... we lose ... learning or ... solving... ... ourselves (not ... With all of the publicity...and reality of Alzheimer s.....have we
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 15, 2003
      --- In fukuoka_farming@yahoogroups.com, Beverley Paine
      <beverleypaine@o...> wrote:
      >> Isn't he an old dude now? Old folk tend to get dogmatic and
      grumpy, don't
      > suffer fools gladly and all that. Some even lose their marbles, but
      > doesn't mean that what went before isn't relevent anymore.
      > Plus if we follow the teachings of any one man or group exclusively
      we lose
      > the ability to think for ourselves. Natural farming or natural
      learning or
      > natural anything implies a continual process of creative problem
      > We stand on the shoulders of giants, grow to become giants
      ourselves (not
      > mirror images of them!)

      With all of the publicity...and reality of Alzheimer's.....have we
      forgotten to respect the wisdom that comes with age? Perhaps when
      such folks become grumpy....and don't suffer fools gladly....it is
      more the remembrance of their own youthful errors than anything
      else. Perhaps it is the wishing they had put the blundering behind
      them sooner. In that way they would not need to worry that their own
      mortality will find them before they find the answers they
      seek....and thus may impart to all of us.....as we blunder along
      trying to follow in their footsteps.
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