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Re: [fukuoka_farming] mango

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  • norie
    ... to the one here (I know it and I admit that I could nt resist the joy to try it... even if it s depending on the watering I m providing... ) Hi Beatrice
    Message 1 of 12 , Aug 23, 2003
      > It's also a proof that your climate is appropriate to mango tree opposite
      to the one here (I know it and I admit that I could'nt resist the joy to try
      it... even if it's depending on the watering I'm providing... )

      Hi Beatrice and all,

      Summers in Tokyo are every year increasingly matching tropical standards,
      both heat and moisture-wise - we had the longest consecutive rainfall in one
      week that I can recall in my lifetime....far surpassing the amount that
      would cause flooding in New Orleans!.

      (It's nice to think now that it was all for my little mango seed) :)

      I'm a little concerned about the wintertime and wonder if the plant will
      need pampering by bringing it inside since winters are a little harsh here
      for tropical plants...but I ideally, I'd like to have the tree in the ground
      where it can benefit from the soil shared with the roots of other living
      things. I'm just not at all experienced with seedlings and their ability to
      withstand the cold...perhaps as long as I give it a place protected by wind,
      it may do all right..

      Does anyone have experience with growing tropical trees through harsh winter
      climates? My mature augusta and bird-of-paradise can withstand the winters
      here, so I like to think the mango tree will too....but my young staghorn
      fern(proper name?) didn't last through one extremely harsh winter....If
      anyone has some stories to share concerning climates and planting non-native
      tropical fruit trees, please share....also if you have advice or even
      criticism, I'm open to all thoughts on the issue.

      Warm regards,

      Tokyo, Japan
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