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Re: [fukuoka_farming] food exchanges (off topic)

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Good Morning, All,
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 17, 2003
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      Good Morning, All,

      < We like the food exchange idea also. It has been hard for us to pursue. Is
      anyone else part of a food buying network who can tell us how it is going for
      them locally these days?>
      we have a local food coop selling in order of priority
      local( our island ) organic produce and meats
      local non certified produce and meats
      vancouver island produces and meats ...
      British colombia " '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '''''''''
      usa organic
      it is a coop who is own by producers and customers together . since it is open it encourage many local peoples to grow more foods knowing they don't have to worry with the big competition , any produces brought there is almost guaranteed to be bought.

      < In our organic food cooperative in Richmond, Virginia, we have been having
      difficulty with trying to arrange a monthly truck shipment of fresh produce
      because of various state licenses & the sales tax imbroglio. If all we served
      at this school were native plants, it would be easier to work out. Since we
      give our children exotics like citrus fruit & bananas that we will not be able
      to grow here, nomatter how lush our summer garden, we must now arrange for a new

      because of this kind of nightmare i am proposing one to one exchange to bypass any kind of organisation ( governements included ) that burden our life with stupid reglementations.
      those rules are not stupids in fact but have a purpose that is not the one we have chosen for ourselves here.( nature's rules )the purpose of spinning out center toward more and more artificiality .

      at the scale of our little coop ( 250 members may be )there is allready lot of those crappy reglementations like certified kitchens that stop producers to makes more products.( i can't sell my dry salmon there and that is good because i want to send it to who appreciate its value )
      we got to go underground as gloria suggested .that is where beautifull plants can root.no positive changes to expect from the way up to down .

      < Would you accept shipment of a purportedly organic product from this list,
      without third-party certification? I might personally, but we could not in good
      conscience feed the children with food from an un-visited source.

      i will, because trusting one personal contact is more easy to me than trusting any kind of certifications program ( i have been a certified organic grower ) .
      that is the beauty of the system of direct exchange we don't need proof because we have no interest in cheating .
      when i send products dried at low temperature as most of my "food exhanges "relations want , i better be true , because they don't send me money that can hide any thing , but real foods that i judge by myself the quality . i don't need a third party to decide for me what is good quality ,my tongue know the difference . It is parcticuliarly true for us who eat undenatured unseasonned raw foods ,we notice when the food is denatured in one way or an other .
      by the way for the nuts exchange i would like to happen i want nuts dried at low tempreature at any time of the process ( below 35 degre celsius ) no washing either of shells as i believe a natural oil film seal the nuts , left by the rotting husk wshing too carefully or too long of soaking will makes the shell porous letting air more possibilty to oxydise the nuts .
      i quickly rince walnuts when the husk have left too much stuff as it will facilitate too much molds during the drying . most ofetne i don't need because i husk at the right time .

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