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Re: [fukuoka_farming] buddhism and raising animals

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  • norie
    ... staying I could help my family to live a better life as well as turning our focus to improving nature and that it would soon look after us the same way. I
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 8, 2003
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      >> I believe leaving would be running away from the situation and that by
      staying I could help my family to live a better life as well as turning our
      focus to improving nature and that it would soon look after us the same way.
      I believe I could make more difference by staying than by leaving and
      avoiding all this. >>

      Hello Gene and welcome to this list,

      I don't recall seeing any response to your mail from this list, perhaps
      because the topic is not immediately related to Fukuoka farming. I
      hesitated to reply since I'm neither a Buddhist or an agriculturalist, nor
      am I an expert on either, but wanted to give you some words of encouragement
      in your decisions..

      I also believe that running away from problems is not always the best
      solution. We can turn a dilemma into a significant learning experience if
      we stay and challenge the issues from within and carry out the struggle. We
      can also help influence others and help bring on great changes if we chose
      not to run away, but deal with the issue. I have found this from all my
      experiences and am sure Fukuoka would agree, as he is renown for his
      trial-and-error-designed progress.

      Of course, there can be a limit, however, when that issue starts to affect
      your well-being and brings on too much sacrifice. I truly hope you find the
      right balance for you and your family.

      We are living in very interesting times - what has been accepted as the norm
      is something that is destroying our world at an ever-increasingly rapid
      pace. It is so hard to find truth and meaning without looking far and wide.
      You may want to look into the ways that natives have been able to balance
      their lives as agriculturalists....ways that they return to the land as much
      as they take and ways to bring peace to the animals who give their precious
      lives for them. .

      One thing I would like to share: last year, I went to the Big Island of
      Hawaii. A great amount of the land was used for cow pastures. This land
      was quite barren except for the grazed grasses and some cacti - but the rest
      of the undeveloped areas of the island were plush with luscious vegetation.
      The contrast was so stark. But while shunning the pastureland, I began to
      think that this land is still open and wide and has not been given over to
      development and commercialization. There are still possibilities to bring
      this land to richness and fertility. The closer we are to that chance, the
      better off we are..

      I hope you stay on the list to learn with us about how to bring balance to
      the earth through natural farming and find comfort in your
      contributions.this way. It just might be the key to help you solve your

      Best wishes,

      Norie Fukuda
      Tokyo, Japan
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