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How about... (Thistle Thread)

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  • debi
    Getting hold of a used fertilizer/herbicide sprayer. Clean the Holy Quacamolies out of it (that part I will leave to those much smarter than me, I like my
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 13, 2003
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      Getting hold of a used fertilizer/herbicide sprayer. Clean the Holy
      Quacamolies out of it (that part I will leave to those much smarter
      than me, I like my vinegar and borax too much, which may not quite
      assure satisfaction in this regard).

      Mow the thistle down (I know, Fukuoka-san would probably not do
      this), then go back and spray, instead of a chemical, plain water on a
      hot day? Steam them puppies, wilt them to so much good worm food and
      mulch? Do this over say, 90% of a property so populated, leave the
      remaining 10% for market, at least to start?

      It seems that with the proclivity to strong, consistant growth,
      building a good market whilst controlling the more problematic areas,
      might go a distance. Thistle is used in commercial preparations,
      although usually in conjunction with other ingredients. Building the
      market from your own produce would be great, if one wants to go that
      route, I'm thinking. With most of the better supplement suppliers on
      the commercial market, the personal, direct knowledge of raw material
      source is important. It also, politically, (Please don't hit me!), may
      be a savvy policy, down the road.

      Do all this through the hotter, most direct sunray times in whatever
      area of Mom Earth you live on? Time the mowing and steaming times at
      periodic, optimum use of natural benefits through the growing season?

      Am way out of my league here. I just used a dang rider mower for the
      first time in my 45 years of life, last August. Am much more a handsaw
      and machete type. If this is way beyond the realm of practicality, I

      As one way of explaining why I thought of this: my sad, dead,
      unfortunate garden is now growing fast and thick, in Tansy. I am
      considering Thanking God, Mom, and Whoever's Whomever, and working
      with what I have that takes no... well, Bigtime Work and Heartache.
      Tansy is Good Medicine. There is market for it. Testing I don't have
      to pay for (couldn't), might tell me if there are ickypoos in the soil
      I don't know about. It's also a sturdy plant, fun to watch growing,
      and is attractive. Least, I think so. {:)

      The worst part is, I am still sowing favorites of those beautiful
      noses I see poking and dashing through the brush when I'm out there.
      Some Heirlooms, even. Ask me if I care. The critters seem to
      appreciate it, and I rather enjoy yakking at, and enjoying, those
      noses and who they are attached to. There will be no good harvest at
      this time in season. I can still grow inside, and am Tired of

      Evil! I Am Evil! I Love it!! There comes a time when stressing
      over things is only counterproductive. Trust in Mom and Dad, or
      whoever you talk to, depend on. They will let you know when you're
      doing wrong, and conversely, when you're doing OK. IMO. deb
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