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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Social structure

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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Gardeners share a love of nature ... Gloria ,i would like to remind you that historically a genocide of hunter gatherers have been orchestrated by
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 24 1:17 AM
      Gardeners share a love of nature
      > that would extend to the Koorie from us all>>>>>IMHO! >
      > Instead of reproaching us for the ills these people have
      > suffered...can you instead bridge what and how they obtain, grow food
      > with Fukuoka only? That will help us to do our own natural gardening

      Gloria ,i would like to remind you that historically a genocide of hunter
      gatherers have been orchestrated by agriculturists cultures . this will to
      exterminate , dominate the peoples who share this way of life , and
      APROPRIATE the land they occupied is not finished in modern times .( the
      haidas reminded me of that recently as the governement want them to quit
      fishing and hunting and get a job instead so we can take their ressources )

      It is not obvious that the love of gardenners for nature is of same nature
      than the connection of hunter gatherers with their environment .The
      fondements of the relationship with "nature " in the 2 ways of living are
      differing in an important manner : private property and money economy .
      those are not innocents means of establishing relationship between humanity
      and their nourishing surrounding . they are perverted ways and distorted
      ways of establishing that relationship . they both stem from fear and a
      sense of lack ( i quickly said something in an other post about the
      physiological source of that feeling : undernourishement).
      i see fukuoka as a step toward the questionning and resolution of that
      fondamental difference .
      why previous generations didn't established nourishing ecosytems all over
      the places in such a way that my childrens don't have to wait for their
      father to do it ?
      because food have money value established by the carefull management of its
      scarsity maintained by enclosing it in private property .
      because he welcomed peoples on his land to live and had the belief that
      natural foods should be cheaper than chemically grown ones , Fukuoka seems
      to had some sense of that despite his attachement to the farming way of life
      ( he choose that to illustrate his vision to the world because he didn't
      question fully the need for farming, he could have illustrate it by being an
      hermit or a nomadic hunter gatherers instead....).

      i would like also to share that i didn't experienced any reproch in jason
      posts just a radical questionning of a certain way of seeing the world , you
      don't have to identified with the western culture , you can be in it but not
      of it , just for the simple reason it is not WORTH IT and it will be
      collapsing anyway .
      for me it is beyond western or not western and i see more hope in
      questionning the fondements of the neolithic mindset without forgetting that
      it have its source in some of the hunter gatherers traits .( like chemical
      farming have its source in traditional organic farming ).
      you might prefer talk about carott or plum trees but my experience showed me
      that we have to see beyond that confortable level .
      what would you do when depossessed peoples of the world are going to take
      over your property ? send the american army ?

      i did focus totally on establishing fukuoka style edible ecosystems for
      years in my little corner , to see my work been sabotaged for a trivial
      propriety and money issue . the land didn't belong to me and despite the
      relationship based on trust with the owner , when she died and gave the land
      to the son , and despite her verbal insurance that she will makes sure for
      our familly to not be evincted ,.... the son didn't gave a damn he wanted
      the money .
      fukuoka also trustfully publish his books in western countries to get his
      writing and ideas stolen from him to makes some westerners famous and
      getting his rice stolen and hybridised and sold by western seeds company
      .Masanobu give it away ....
      the issue is bigger than deciding if you till or not .

      i met also wonderfull indian peoples who were adamant to have westerners not
      knowing too much about what they were doing, knowing very much that the
      western mind, despite the best individual intentions, is not ready to let
      go of its greediness.

      i am feeling hurt also that my semi hunting gathering life style is becoming
      more and more difficult , abandonned filberts and fruits that i have been
      harvesting for years are being cut every year because of owners who want to
      do something nice for their land . they don't care they rely on supermarket
      foods anyway ..
      the worst of my wounds come from a new friend who just happens to buy the
      property that i worked and planted coming from california with the best of
      intentions attracted to organic farming and fukuoka . he got excited when he
      met me and i presented to him his land showing him the plants . he wanted to
      work with me to makes his land profitable for the market and i learned the
      last winter that he cut the most denselly productive part of the land
      constitued of an edge of green gage plums, italian plums and an old orchard
      of apples , pears and cherries .
      this agremented with blackberries , currants .
      i could never harvest it all and dry them all so abondant it was ,racoon
      crows , birds deer were all festing on that aera and there was still
      enough to feed slugs and other friend ( stephen that is the way to deal with
      the deer problem in the long run, on top of becoming food themselves ) and
      he cut them all to put a pig fed with outside feeds. Don't ask me to be
      tolerant of ignorance and best intentions ,it might be the main root of so
      much harm done in the world .
      sorry Gloria you touch a cord here .
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