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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Re: Place in Nature

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  • Tim Peters
    Jared, What Michiyo says is true. My observations of nature within and without seem to agree with it. Jaime s words are fabulously observing and
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2003

      What Michiyo says is true. My observations of nature within and without seem
      to agree with it.

      Jaime's words are fabulously observing and narrow-minded,all in one one
      moment and statement... most certainly anti-human and ... well that is good
      enough for starters. Here's why I say this. ANY CHOICE AND ACTION, ANY
      REMAINED OPTIONS/POSSIBILITIES. Think about it, I have been forced to
      thousands and thousands of times. One gopher taste testing in my turnip
      breeding makes his choices like 99.99% of humanity, and 100% of gophers,
      "Wow! This IS a fabulous set of turnips!..." munch munch munch. I come
      along and say, "Heh! Those were for seed! I was trying to increase those
      extra good ones so more of creation could enjoy it!" well, that was to much
      for his mind to comprehend, (most people seem to have about the same
      comprehension level). I threaten his existence if he continues and doesn't
      go eat the wild ones instead. He gets the point (kind of) and flees, but he
      doesn't eat the wild ones, or the other 98% of my breeding patch, he sneaks
      back and finishes the best off ... in less than 1 week years of effort is
      turned into history by one__ gopher his choices and his actions (etc.).
      .... This gopher only illustrates my point, ALL CHOICE and ACTION affects
      the future. Yesterdays options and possibilities are not the ones we have
      today. Life in this world is one of constant change. We have been granted
      the power to greatly affect the changes, search your heart, what changes do
      you want to see? ...are they right to want? ... are they best ?really? ...be
      careful to not fight nature's God. ....striving for... receptive, open to.
      both are directionally the same (oneness), yes? ...isn't it like 'love
      attracts love ' ? ....I'll rest ...

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      > Dear Folks:
      > Jaime wrote some fabulous words.
      > > It is indeed very perplexing. I'm not sure that I agree with Michiyo
      > > '...human activity is only an expression of the natural world': I
      > > that human action (whether farming or writing) always reduces
      > > options/possibilities, always already narrows the 'world'. But I
      > > don't know what the counter to this belief is. But I think it is high
      time I
      > > stopped writing and again 'listen'.
      > It is indeed perplexing and human action always reduces
      > options/possibilities. And we have no choice but to act.
      > I always have thought that the counter to this belief is the dream of
      > unmediated action--the Zen Master's answer to a Koan, Fukuoka's pruning of
      > his trees into their natural shapes, Chuang Tzu's butcher carving meat
      > without ever dulling his knife. These moments are rare indeed for most of
      > us. And we attain them only through the contradictory actions of
      > for them and being open and receptive.
      > This, to me, is the spiritual path of farming.
      > Jared Gellert
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