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Re: [fukuoka_farming] drawing the line

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  • Larry Haftl
    Hi again, Since the rain is keeping me from messing up my garden (more on that later), I ve got a moment and will use it to wax a bit philosophical... ...
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 4, 2003
      Hi again,

      Since the rain is keeping me from messing up my garden (more on that later),
      I've got a moment and will use it to wax a bit philosophical...

      Jamie wrote:

      > I'd say you draw the line from where you begin and try and describe a
      > working inwards toward a single point as you reduce your input into
      > While some might start from a plowed field, others might wish to start
      > pristine nature. Some might want to feed themselves on the plants they
      > in nature, others might want to feed only on exotic species. Some might
      > to sell on the open market while others simply for home consumption. Some
      > might garden and others might farm. Some might be in California and others
      > might be in Spitzbergen. But I would hope that wherever we begin and with
      > whatever intention the process of NF will lead us toward a more fulfilling
      > life in tune with the natural processes that pulse within us as much as
      > do within the honey bee or aphid.

      To me, that's one of the best summaries of what and why we have been
      discussing that I have seen posted here. For whatever reasons, Fukuoka-san
      put words and ideas out into the universe and each of us in our own way is
      responding to them. Fukuoka-san may, or may not, like what we do, or don't
      do, with those words and ideas. Whomever holds the copyrights of his
      published works still has some rights to control the publication and
      republication of the actual works, but the ideas themselves are now out in
      the universe and, like all authors, he no longer has much control over what
      others do, or do not do, with them. Each person who hears/reads those
      words/ideas can do, or not do, with them as they choose and are able to. You
      can try to swallow/absorb/understand/apply those ideas in their totality or
      in bits and pieces.

      Personally, as I've said before, I think there are two aspects to what he
      has said - the practical and the philosophical. To me they are like two
      rails of a railroad that require you to ride on both in order to get
      anywhere. But at the same time I think there is more than one railroad line
      leading to more than one destination, although a lot of lines may lead to
      the same personally preferred destination -- a collaborative relationship
      with the natural world around us that benefits all the critters who share
      it. But that is only what I think. Others may choose to ride only the
      philosophy rail or only the practical rail or to not ride on either or to
      head for other destinations. That is up to them.

      Larry Haftl
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