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RE: [fukuoka_farming] RE: video on sale

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  • Sunil Babu Shrestha
    Hello Michiyo, Thanks for your reply. It s nice to hear a fieldtrip to Fukuoka-san s in Ehime. It will be a great opportunity for me to visit Natural farm, if
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 30, 2003
      Hello Michiyo,

      Thanks for your reply. It's nice to hear a fieldtrip to Fukuoka-san's in
      Ehime. It will be a great opportunity for me to visit Natural farm, if
      this turns into reality. Yes, I really interested to join. I
      appreciate,if you send me the schedule a few weeks before so that I
      could adjust my other schedules.

      I also request you to introduce me any web sites related to Natural
      farming either in English or Japanese, if you have any information. I am
      interested in application of Fukuoka-san's method in horticulture.
      I sincerely look forward your kind cooperation.

      Hello Sunil,
      It is nice to know there is another member from Japan.
      I don't know any natural farms where you can visit,
      actually I don't really have any addresses with me where I can visit,
      Mr. Otomo is thinking about a fieldtrip to Fukuoka-san's farmland in
      this summer, if this comes true, are you interested in joining us?

      and Dear All,
      I feel that it is best for this group to have some kind of connection
      the original source(Fukuoka-san).
      I am planning to write to Honma-san in a few days to introduce her about
      this group, and ask for
      some help to arrange opportunity for us to have some kind of indirect

      It will be nice to have a Japanese translation of the web-site so that
      people from Japan can participate,
      and if anybody is interested, maybe we can plan off-line newsletters in
      Honma-san still resists the internet?
      At least, many questions that have accumulated without any answers in
      list should go to Fukuoka-san.

      Would someone volunteer to write a brief introduction of this site for
      me to
      send to Honma-san with my letter?

      I will appreciate any comments and ideas.


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