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  • Robert Monie
    Hi Michiyo, Thanks for taking on this task; we need a complete list of Fukuoka s writings, especially since none of the 10 largest research libraries in North
    Message 1 of 7 , Mar 23, 2003
      Hi Michiyo,
      Thanks for taking on this task; we need a complete list of Fukuoka's writings, especially since none of the 10 largest research libraries in North America (Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, Stanford, Toronto, Michigan, UCLA, Illinois, U. Texas at Austin, Cornell) has all of his books. Many of these have only one or two of his books, and with their entire resources combined, at least three of his books are missing. That means if somebody doesn't draw up a comprehensive list now, in a few years it will be all but impossible to find most of what Fukuoka wrote. The University of Tokyo library doesn't seem to have any of Fukuoka's books (though their electronic index may not go back before 1986.). Their website (Japanese and English) is http://www.lib.u-tokyo.ac.jp/
      The French translation was published by (La) Maisnie/Tredaniel, a company noted for its Asian collection in aikido, kendo, Tibetan medicine, and feng-shui.
      The accepted English title for Fukuoka's latest (self-published or self-funded) book is, I believe, "One Straw Revolution: Traveling with Seedballs." This may have been funded by a Rockefeller grant for $10,000 to design a "textbook" on making seedballs or clayballs. See archived Fukuoka_farming message 1286 from Elizabeth Denk or Rockefeller grant site http://www.rbf.org/ramongrant98.html
      Bob Monie, 7 miles from Bayou St. John, 1 from the Mississippi, Louisiana, USA
      Michiyo Shibuya <michiyos@...> wrote: I am editing Kyle's booklist, please participate in editing if you know

      1. Shizen Nou Hou: Wara Ippon no Kakumei, 1975
      The One-Straw Revolution, USA, price?
      One Straw Revolution, 2000, India?, GBP7.95
      Revolusion de un rastrojo,Granja Sierra Vista,Maldriado, Urguay
      La revolution d'un seul brin de paille,2000, Maisnie Tredaniel(is this the
      name of publisher?)

      2. MU I: Kami no Kakumei(shuukyou hen), 1984
      The God Revolution(.Alfred Firnbaum)

      3. MU II: Mu no Tetsugaku(tetsugaku hen), 1985
      A philosophy of Nothingness

      4. MU III: Shizen Nou Hou(jissen hen), 1985
      The way of natural farming: The theory and practice of green philosophy
      L'agriculture naturelle,1990, Maisnie Tredaniel

      5. Shizen ni kaeru, 1984
      The Road back to nature: Regaining a paradise lost, Other India Bookstore,
      Rs300 or $13
      Die Suche nach dem veriorenen Paradies. Nat-liche Landwirtschaft als Ausweg
      aus der Krise

      6. Shizen wo ikiru, 1997
      Live the nature(my translation of the title, does this make sense? or is
      the translation already available?)
      Dialogue with Kanemitsu

      7. wara ippon no kakumei, 2001
      The one straw revolution<comprehensive version>
      collection of photographs
      I think that this is the revision of the following two.
      "Nendo dango no tabi"
      traveling of seedballs(my translation of the title)
      "Kami to shizen to hito no kakumei"
      Revolution of god nature and people

      This list may not be accurate, especially the publication date because we
      have books from different publishers
      that are out of print, the earliest publication
      I found was on 1972. The date I have can be that of revised editions.
      Please pass me information.

      I need help from German speakers,
      In Harmonie mit der Natur. Die Praxis des natlichen Anbaus
      Der Broe Weg hat kein Tor
      Rkkehr zur Natur. Die Philosophie des natlichen Anbaus

      I don't know where these three translation fit. Is Broschiert the name of

      Sorry I am really not organized and this list was so hard to read. Maybe
      someone can make a better list for us?
      Or has already made it?


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