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  • Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
    Bonsoir Jean-Claude, Do you actually think we ve had time, from an evolutionary point of view, to adapt ourselves, as human beings, to large quantities of meat
    Message 1 of 56 , Feb 28, 2003
      Bonsoir Jean-Claude,

      Do you actually think we've had time, from an evolutionary point of
      view, to adapt ourselves, as human beings, to large quantities of meat ?

      i end up to0 believe that hominids split off from apes by 1rst leaving the
      forest environement ( that require agile climbers to get to the fruits )
      adapting to savahna type of vegetation and most likelly on shore of bodies
      of water ( the aquatic ape theory) and second feeding on left over of big
      carnivorous animals with easy acces with stone tools( 2 ,5 millions years
      ago) to bone marrow and brains and mature half dried meats .
      this high intake of fats and protein allowed us to developp and sustain our
      big brains allowing us in retour to exploit this ecological niche more and
      more efficiently ( fire to steal prey from predators then hunting that
      started way before paleolithic time when hunting was at its most efficient .
      The by product of this high fat intake is that we become dependant on
      essential fatty acids and in a ratio that is badly compromised since the
      neolithic revolution .
      Only for the last 10000 years ago we slowed down our meat intake .
      So we have been homnivorous for so long along our evolution that the
      question is more have we or not the time to adapt to this new high
      carbonhydrate diet that in an extreme way express it self as vegeterianism .

      <From a health point of view, would you assume that you and your family
      are now in better shape ?

      My children and i are the only one eating raw ,my children are more fruit
      base than i am and i can see problems relating to that . I personally feel
      better than when i was abusing fruits and nuts .I especially resolved a life
      long overeating habit .
      Only very deficient diets will show on a short term on overall health .It
      took years and generations of abuse to show the level of degenerative
      diseases of today . I also start with a handicap with 2 hormonals glands
      that doesn't function for over 20 years and take artificial hormone
      supplementation to just stay alive so i don't expect too much from few years
      on a new diet even if i found the original one for human species .
      Ingrid could talk to you about her health problem directly related to her
      vegetarian and raw vegan past .

      < I have no answer. I just know that I, and other people I know, are
      <feeling very well on a diet with very small quantities of proteins,
      <eating about 5% (sometimes less)of nuts or eggs, no dairy products at
      all, and a lot of fruit and vegetables. It is a natural hygiene diet,
      which tends to be as much raw as possible (much easier in summer...but I
      believe that human beings natural biotopes are in warm countries).>

      how long did they do it ? that is the first thing that come to mind !
      I have been around this kind of diet for long and have seen lot of problems
      appearing after the first few blissfull years .In the long run deficiencies
      can occur once the body storage run out ( B12 is a big one )
      At this level cooked or raw vegetables based diet do better than raw vegan
      based on fruits .
      The fact is that even in warm country meats have allways been seek out
      intenselly .
      The kung peoples being at the extreme low on protein diet among contempory
      hunters are spending lot of energy and time ( still 33 percent of their diet
      is meat ) to get meat when vegetables sources are easier and abondant .(
      they have been pusshed off game abondant land also and to stick to deserts).
      also the archeological evidences show a big drop in health , brain size
      reduction and level of agressive behavior at the neolithic revolution.
    • michael
      The tartare and carpaccio taste better already. On Monday, March 17, 2003, at 04:34 AM, Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry
      Message 56 of 56 , Mar 19, 2003
        The tartare and carpaccio taste better already.

        On Monday, March 17, 2003, at 04:34 AM, Ingrid Bauer/Jean-Claude Catry

        > Even if our digestive tract is the shortest of all primates (it's the
        > first time I read that, but you may be right), it is certainly far from
        > being as short as in carnivorous species, and also does not have the
        > mighty proteases, especially ureases, which carnivores do have !
        > .
        > yes because we are not designed to be carnivorous and eat freshlly
        > killed
        > meats but we are designed to eat ripen meats on left over of
        > carnivorous
        > kill . this is a process where the proteins are starting to break
        > down and
        > free amino acids released.we don't need the high acid digestion of
        > carnivorous animals .
        > the cooking of meats is mimiking this natural predigestion but at the
        > the
        > expense of creating new compounds that doesn't exist in the meat some
        > are
        > known to be highlly cancerigenous .
        > By experiences of many peoples who are used to eat raw meats , it is
        > the
        > easiest food to digest, way easier than raw vegetables or nuts and
        > seeds
        > .fruits pass quicklly from the stomach to intestine but trigger exces
        > insuline secretion and by reaction require eating more shortly after .
        > we evolved as scavengers and gatherers of plants .
        > jean-claude
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