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Fukuokan Ecovillage Experience

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  • Zack Domike
    Regarding the Fukuokan Ecovillage Experiment From: jeff William Krueger wrote: What is it I need? The same thing over half the world
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 19, 2003
      Regarding the Fukuokan Ecovillage Experiment
      From: jeff William Krueger <methodologyx@...>
      "What is it I need? The same thing over half the world
      needs right now:
      political asylum, land, and resources."

      With that, here are a few highlights of the project
      that keeps me busy.

      I am actively recruiting participants, offering asylum
      and land and resources to get this project to a
      critical mass. Then I picture myself reducing my
      role. But in the meantime, I own it with two chilean
      partners, and a Burmese fellow that sought asylum in
      Chile twelve years ago.

      The long-term goal is to create a sustainable
      community. A mid-term objective is to build a school,
      probably based on Rudolf Steiner's Waldorf. The
      short-term construction is me and my fiancee, my
      partners, and several workers.

      In any case, let me respond to your list in reverse

      An outline of the resources available:
      Power from the locally produced hydroelectric plants
      fed by Andes and the phenomenal rainfall.
      Heat for cooking and firing ceramics from Gorse
      stalks, an invasive weed bush imported from Europe.
      Silage for feeding milking goats from Gorse green
      spines, processed by a gas-fired chipper mill.
      On-site fine clay for outside sale, and use as walls
      and insulation, processed by the gas-fired chipper
      House heat from adjacent greenhouses used to compost
      garden and human wastes and chipped brush on-site;
      this compost is to be tagged for use on the Farm
      raised live fence, not on vegetables. (Roundly opposed
      by Emilia.)
      Food: SOme organic produce is on-site, some available
      nearby, and a cook provides meals for us - as they
      say, an army marches on it's stomach.

      I am building a project near Puerto Montt, CHile, near
      the 40th parallel, which has a cool maritime climate
      similar to that of Tasmania. For example, yesterday,
      Feb. 18, late summer, we had hail storms, and cold
      winds. Obviously, Fukuoka did not need greenhouses as
      much as we do . . . so some of the lessons we learn
      from this list will be modified beyond recognition.

      The Chilean government has programs Called "Soil
      Regeneration," so there may be some reimbursement of
      the basic costs; this whole area of about 100,000
      hectares was burned in 1852 by the first European
      settlers. Whoops!

      The Fukuoka list has wonderful information, and I have
      3-1/2 hectareas where I intend to put these
      philosophical issues to the test. Large semi-buried
      greenhouses, some attached to houses, are under
      construction, as is my web page. MORE SOON.

      The land, also implies the ownership tangles. At
      present it belongs to my company and will be opened to
      shares of participants after an introductory paid work
      year. Using the income from house rental in Boston,
      MA, I am investing here.

      Thus I can pay for improvements and time by
      participants with the hope that they convert to
      percentage partners and stay on accruing more of the

      Opportunity, Asylum and Sanctuary:

      Asylum from the Mafia, whether it be the Cosa Nostra
      and gun-lobby-violence, Boston Irish of Kennedy era,
      or the Reagan/Bush/Coca-Cola corporate raiders that
      have stolen so much of our heritage. The
      corporations, with huge investments that pay lawyers
      to continually lobby for special corporate breaks,
      will strangle more and more of us - in so many ways.
      It is difficult to imagine the corporation as a
      heartless beast, but simpler to picture it run by the
      book, and the automotons that staff it merely
      interchangeable tokens doing the will of the
      shareholders - increase market share!

      So I am in Chile, where all those symptoms are played
      out but on a much smaller scale. I chose Chile simply
      because it is an ecologicaly island, without giardia,
      ticks, or a high mosquito population. It also helped
      my decision because I lived here as a teenager when my
      father had a UN-FAO contract, and our vaulted position
      then helped me fall in love with this country.

      I intend this project to be my personal and group
      sanctuary. I have lived here since 1999.

      Intentional community - kind of a cohousing with the
      aim to build cottage industries to make us self

      There remains a possibility that the split between the
      leftist and conservatives in Chile, dating from the
      Nixon/Kissinger coup and resultant dictatorship
      lasting from 1973 to 1990, can be resolved, as the
      leftish culture tears microscopic holes in the fascist
      mentality of the power elite. This is where I hope
      the Waldorf school can work some magic and the Waldorf
      system may be just the wizard's wand we need.

      MORE sOON. Zachary

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