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Re: RE : [fukuoka_farming] On Pests, Weeds And Terrorists: Weaving Harmony Through Diversity

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    ... * * * * * * * In a nutshell, Ms. Dionisi, i simply suggest that we trace our steps back into the Garden, that is, out of Civilization. For the
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 2, 2003
      Ms.Catherine Dionisi wrote:

      > I agree with you, Mirabile, on the fact that our neuro-physiologies are
      > the root causes.
      > What remedies do you suggest ?

      * * * * * * *

      In a nutshell, Ms. Dionisi, i simply suggest that we
      our steps back "into" the Garden, that is, "out" of Civilization. For the
      Garden and Civilization are incompatible, that is, mutually exclusive.

      Civilization is, de facto, the House of our physio-neuro-

      logical and psycological dysfunctions, all produced and sustained,
      focally, by our dietetic perversion.

      Unquestionably, natural gardening - not "natural
      which constitutes an absurdity in terms - is, particularly when practi-
      ced at the congenial latitude, the most ideal "inactivity" through which
      we can journey back to our Garden. To be understood, however,
      that it will leave us exactly where we are, that is, lost in the middle of

      the nowhere of Civilization, as long as we do not seriously address,
      and bring to solution, our dietetic issue.

      No functional Society will ever be produced by dysfunc-

      tional individuals. Nor functional individuals will ever be produced
      by dysfunctional physio-neurologies. The pristime, harmonious
      functionality of our Beings inesorably lies in the strict adherence to
      the dietary Nature meant for us.

      > Have a happy new year !
      > Catherine Dionisi.

      The same to You, Ms. Dionisi! And to all Members
      of this Forun as well.

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