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Re: RE : [fukuoka_farming] On Pests, Weeds And Terrorists: Weaving Harmony Through Diversity

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  • Gloria Baikauskas
    The world has always been full of propaganda. It may always be. It is how leaders make a populace behave in a manner to achieve their goals. Yet the world
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 1, 2003
      The world has always been full of propaganda. It may always be. It is how leaders make a populace behave in a manner to achieve their goals. Yet the world advanced anyway because of folks like you who recognize it for what it is.

      It has been pointed out here quite often recently that ancient farming practices did much harm to the land. They didn't really want to do that. It was their ignorance that did it. My point here is that in this world today more people are more educated which gives them the interest to seek more........to find out why things don't work.......or why they don't work as it is perceived they should. Fukuoka has pointed out that by trying to do "more" modern science....and agronomists....are doing more damage. Simplicity is sometimes very difficult to accept. Even in this forum we would often most likely make Mr. Fukuoka shake his head. We now have this built-in behaviour to make things better by making them more complicated. I relate to this every time I see a discussion about compost piles.....how to make compost. I tried that. I discovered on my own that I had better results by sheet composting........for more reasons than one might think. In sheet composting one is not only feeding the soil as it breaks down. One is also feeding the wildlife that could benefit from say......the kitchen scraps. One is also helping the birds by spreading crushed eggshells that they need for calcium. In this way one is acting more like Nature because these same critters' manure becomes a part of the ecosystem improving it once again. And........they will most likely be spreading seeds as they go. It is a much better plan than making a compost pile and lining it with say...chicken wire........to prevent wildlife from getting into it. People today seem to like the complications of compost piles more than the simplicity of sheet composting. Yet.....often people abandon composting because it is too much work.

      It is the same in life. Folks complain about the traffic, the stress, etc, of living in cities, but they do it anyway. They do it because they figure they want this and that...and they can't have it living more simply. They know ahead of time if they choose to be a lawyer that they will make more money in a big city. They want to make more money because they want more things. Things make a life more complicated......right? It is kind of like the comedian, George Carlin's monolog when he discusses our need to have "things," so we build a building to put our things in.......and then we have to build a bigger place to put our things in....and it never ends.

      Well....I am rambling on and on here.........Sorry folks.


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    • jbmc@attglobal.net
      ... * * * * * * * In a nutshell, Ms. Dionisi, i simply suggest that we trace our steps back into the Garden, that is, out of Civilization. For the
      Message 2 of 8 , Jan 2, 2003
        Ms.Catherine Dionisi wrote:

        > I agree with you, Mirabile, on the fact that our neuro-physiologies are
        > the root causes.
        > What remedies do you suggest ?

        * * * * * * *

        In a nutshell, Ms. Dionisi, i simply suggest that we
        our steps back "into" the Garden, that is, "out" of Civilization. For the
        Garden and Civilization are incompatible, that is, mutually exclusive.

        Civilization is, de facto, the House of our physio-neuro-

        logical and psycological dysfunctions, all produced and sustained,
        focally, by our dietetic perversion.

        Unquestionably, natural gardening - not "natural
        which constitutes an absurdity in terms - is, particularly when practi-
        ced at the congenial latitude, the most ideal "inactivity" through which
        we can journey back to our Garden. To be understood, however,
        that it will leave us exactly where we are, that is, lost in the middle of

        the nowhere of Civilization, as long as we do not seriously address,
        and bring to solution, our dietetic issue.

        No functional Society will ever be produced by dysfunc-

        tional individuals. Nor functional individuals will ever be produced
        by dysfunctional physio-neurologies. The pristime, harmonious
        functionality of our Beings inesorably lies in the strict adherence to
        the dietary Nature meant for us.

        > Have a happy new year !
        > Catherine Dionisi.

        The same to You, Ms. Dionisi! And to all Members
        of this Forun as well.

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