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Re: [fukuoka_farming] Request to add Roland Bunch articles to our list

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  • Larry Haftl
    Hi Robert, ... Nutrient ... There ... want ... You want it, you got it. Just posted the following to the Articles section page: Nutrient Quantity or Nutrient
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 23, 2002
      Hi Robert,

      >Larry, I would like to second Emilia's request that Roland Bunch's
      >Quantity or Nutrient Access" be added to the Fukuoka Web Page list.
      >are in addition two other Internet postings by Bunch that we might
      >to consider.

      You want it, you got it. Just posted the following to the Articles
      section page:

      "Nutrient Quantity or Nutrient Access? A New Understanding of How
      to Maintain Soil Fertility in the Tropics” by Roland Bunch" -- in
      PDF format

      TROPICS" which is the slightly longer version of the article that
      is in Agroforester's The Overstory archives.

      BTW, for those of you who haven't visited the Agroforester Overstory
      archives, they have 100 articles loaded with useful information for
      use in tropics as well as temperate zones and DEFINITELY worth the

      http://agroforester.com (already in the Resources section under

      It's weird how web research works. I found an excerpt of that article
      in a magazine page. There was another name associated with it (which
      I can't recall at the minute). I started tracking the other name
      and found all sorts of interesting stuff and never got back to trace
      Bunch. Just goes to show how valuable it is to have a bunch of people
      nosing around the net instead of just one.

      Thanks for the tip Bob,
      I'll go hunting for the other stuff next.

      It would be hard to get Ruth Stout to take a bow (deceased), but
      I think it might be more appropriate for us to bow in the direction
      of Emilia as thanks to her for sharing all of this incredibly useful

      Larry (you can find Robert Monie's star on the Projects map) Haftl
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