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war - "do nothing" farming - peaceful societies - bigger pictures

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  • Tim Peters
    Hi Justin, Emilia, and all the rest of you thinking folk, just thought I d try to find words for some of the nebula of my mind.... share some of what I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2002
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      Hi Justin, Emilia, and all the rest of you thinking folk,

      just thought I'd try to find words for some of the nebula of my mind.... share some of what I have heard, seen, experienced, relative to some of what I've been hearing.

      I have been out in nature for over 40 years. In the last 15 I have concluded that nature, in its present state, cycles in and out of "war", in and out of "plenty", and to one extent or another in or out of spieces or variants of species.

      It is not survival of the best but survival of the least desirable, unless something intervenes to protect and save the best. For instance, the ant being more powerful and deciding to protect the aphid, (didn't you know, aphids are "best"?). Instantly, aphids (and ants) proliferate, since the powers that be (ants) deem it best. Woe to the ladybugs, syriph flys, cabbage plants,... and a whole host of creation. Woe to the "do nothing" gardener who lets it be! If they get any more passive they'll be pushing daisies instead of eating them!

      Quite frankly folks, I think war is something we will never completely get away from in this world, as it is. Look at it! There is a whole host carnivorous and parasitic creatures, their entire existence means war and death!....

      But don't assume the vegetarians are entirely free of making war. They make war, as creatures, in a more subtle fashion, most largely on the plant kingdom. Because most vegetarians are as consumeristic as the proverbial American, nature, plant specie populations become less and less palatable, more and more medicinal, fiberous, obnoxious, and downright toxic. ...I speak as one who KNOWS.

      ...Man has a mighty role in nature, in deciding what is going to exist and what is going to perish. But to often man shows no more sense or thought for the future than a gopher in a carrot patch. Look around you! What do you see in your "carrot patch" ? Are your "gophers" saving the best carrots for next years seed crop, and an abundance of carrots in the future? ...if you say yes, I'll say 'yeah, right!' and, 'tell me another fairy tale'. ...

      ...There have been peaceful societies. There have been times of relative peace and places of relative peace in nature. I personally believe that there was a time and there will be a time when the agriculture was or will be more Fubuokaian or "do - nothing" than even he imagined, or at least practiced. ...But, it will take a mighty working to cause this to be.

      ...As we saw with the elephants, there is the tendency for war to breed war. Violence tends to breed violence. ...But, the days are coming... the war is coming that will end all wars. Those who have the spirit to destroy the earth will be destroyed. ...

      It is interesting to hear your minds, to sense something of what you believe,...anyhow, there you have it a bit of what I believe, what I have experienced,...and what drives me to do what I do.

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