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  • Steve Grannis
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2013
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                                                                                 Fukuoka Manifesto
            Lately I have thought about the lack of discussion on our forum. I look at this as a positive sign.  Maybe the world has listened and heard the message. This group, past and present, has created an extensive archive of information.  This archive has detailed almost every problem and solution that anyone practicing natural farming may encounter. The changes we now see in agriculture around the world are beginning to reflect the core teachings of Fukuoka. The many photos, observations and experiences are testimony to the spread of this knowledge.                                     
            So congratulations on all the hard work and dedication!  Of course there is always more to do but we are seeing a growing awareness of the importance of high quality, nutrient rich foods that are produced through the natural farming methods.        Steve  G
    • vivasayee vivasayee
      To certain extent Yes.Probably the awareness needs to reach mass people , Let say we have 100 farmers practising natural farming more than 50 %(optimal) more
      Message 2 of 2 , Nov 28, 2013
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        To certain extent  Yes.Probably the awareness needs to reach mass people , Let say we have 100 farmers practising natural farming  more than 50 %(optimal) more than 75% (excellent) across the globe , then we can say to be  sucess .

        Our  intention  has to reach to masses and the world in majority  ,Get the awareness to the poor farmer (where majority is) who do not have access to technology and still fall pray to agents of pesticides/fertilizers.

        Biggest challenge is More institutions are turning towards agri as huge business ( GM seeds ,BIO fertilizers,Pesticides) .Whenever  I visit any exhibition of agri fair .I am surprised to see more and more companies stall on bio fertilizer /chemical based solution showcast..

        May be future generation to practice ,it can be part of curriculum,More videos ,more practical practices into cook book for issues and resolutions and showcast in common forums/media etc.

        Travelling distance is far away !!
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