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  • Marika
    Over the past years, I have gathered quite some information on alternative forestry, forest farming, permaculture etc. that could be relevant for the list, and
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2002
      Over the past years, I have gathered quite some information on alternative
      forestry, forest farming, permaculture etc. that could be relevant for the
      list, and for the website. I'll do my best to share this with you in time.
      Here's a list of links & descriptions. Some of the descriptions I wrote
      myself, but most I just copied from the sites. I'm open to any suggestions,
      additions, editing, ...



      To begin with, a very Fukuoka-ish link:

      In spring '98 Masanobu Fukuoka and his longtime scholar Panaiotis Manikis
      initiated the "Greenbelt for southern Europe"initiative . The goal is to
      create a green belt in Europe - to stop desertification and recreate fertile
      soils . A first largescale sowing (10.000 ha) took place at Lake Vegoritida
      in Northern Greece . Fukuoka led the project .

      Is the Indian centre of Vandana Shiva, that Fukuoka recently
      visited, mentioned on our site?

      Navdanya is a programme initiated by the Foundation to conserve agricultural
      diversity. It places the farmer at the center of conservation and empowers
      him to take control over the political, ecological and economic aspects of
      agriculture. Navdanya means nine seeds and these represent India's
      collective source of food security. It connotes a diverse ecological balance
      at every level, from the ecology of the earth to the ecology of our body.

      Bija Vidyapeeth courses are held at ecological centre on Navdanya's
      biodiversity conservation and organic farm. Education in earth democracy in
      which participants learn from nature, and from each other, while they study,
      live, clean, cook and eat together. While interacting with leading thinkers
      and intellectual's participants also get an opportunity to live as a
      community and engage in the practice of sustainability. All participants
      learn cooking, gardening, composting, yoga, the practice of music and

      Permaculture on the web

      in German:
      with links to the e-mail-list of the German permaculturalists
      and to an online forum with postings about projects, terms etc.

      [Larry: maybe such a bulletin board would be an idea for the Fukuoka site

      In England there is the PK_UK e-mail list. Anyone familiar with it?


      Books on Fukuoka, permaculture, forest- and natural gardening:

      * Good Earth Farm Publications: http://www.goodearthpub.com/

      * OLV Verlag: www.natuerlichgaertnern.de
      - "Gaertnern im Biotop mit Mensch - Das praktische Biogarten-Handbuch fuer
      zukunftfaehigs Leben"
      Gerda und Eduard Kleber
      - "Das grosse Handbuch Waldgarten" Patrick Whitefield

      * Pala Verlag: www.pala-verlag.de
      - Masanobu Fukuoka:
      - Der grosse Weg hat keinen Tor
      - Rueckkehr zur Natur
      - In Harmonie mit der Natur
      - Die Suche nach dem verlorenen Paradies
      - Permakultur-Buecher von Mollison, Holmgren und Bell

      For the opportunies section:
      (not really strictly Fukuoka, but eco- and spirit-minded)

      Global Ecovillage Network


      A book with descriptions and addresses of eco-communities in Europe,
      including Russia
      In German and English

      A database of intentional communities (eco-villages, co-housing etc.) on the

      ECEAT - Europees Centrum voor Eco Agro Toerisme
      "European Centre for Eco-Agro-Tourism"
      A network of rural eco-tourist addresses all over Europe (In Dutch)

      An ecological-spiritual community in New Mexico, USA

      Grishino is an ecological-spiritual community in the Leningrad region,

      Tamera, Centre for Humane Ecology
      Eco-village, permaculture, straw bale building in Portugal

      and the series of books "the ringing cedars of Russia",
      written by Vladimir Megre.

      Anastasia is a young woman living in nature, deep in the Siberian taiga
      forests. In the series of books, you can find the most astonishing insights
      in our relationship to the world of plants and animals, living in harmony
      with nature, home gardening practices, and how to raise & educate
      peace-loving, happy children. And much, much more...
      Close connections to permaculture, nature- and Fukuoka-minded farming,
      eco-village living, and the rest...

      A book review in English: "A Space of Love - Anastasia: New Heroine of the
      Russias" by Kostya Kovalenko

      Publisher of the books in English (part 1) & Russian (7th book just
      Dilya publishing, St. Petersburg/Moscow
      Catalogue of the Anastasia series and related publications

      - An organisation of readers of "Anastasia" in Toronto, Canada:
      (8-101-416) 22-33-097 ???? (8-101-416) 22-31-519

      - www.anastasia.ru
      Russian site of the Anastasia network. + e-mail-forum

      Publisher of the books in German and French:
      - http://www.verlag-wega.de

      - www.anastasia-club.de
      Club of German Anastasia-readers

      - www.bunkahle.com/Anastasia/config.cgi Deutsches Mail-Forum

      Look for the books in your own language!
      They're translated and available in many countries, like Spain, Italy,
      Scandinavia and many Middle- and East-European countries. And others follow
      soon. They'll hopefully be published in the USA in the near future.

      "DEEP ECOLOGY .. is both a philosophical perspective and a campaigning
      platform. Developed by the Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess, who describes
      it as "a process of reflection leading to action". It is a systemic
      conceptual framework for assisting personal and social decision making about
      matters which affect the natural world.
      Its key principles are:
      Equal intrinsic value for all beings.
      Deep" relationship with the world - deep questioning (of personal lifestyle,
      of society, of experience), deep connections.
      "Self realization" or "wide identification" - the recognition that the
      environment which supports us and with which we interact is part of our
      Gestalt ontology.
      The idea that we each hold total views.
      The need for each individual to think out her/his own "ecosophy".
      Deep Ecology is a normative derivational system.
      The notion of ultimate premises.
      Commitment to action."
      Noel Charlton at

      You can find the Deep Ecology Platform at:

      "This site offers practical educational courses and resources to promote
      sustainable living and social responsibility through the ideas of the Deep
      Ecology Movement."
      Also presenting a list of 25 Deep Ecology Tendencies

      ANALOG FORESTRY - "Mimicking the forest"
      "Analog Forestry is a form of land design that seeks to establish a
      tree-dominated ecosystem, analogous in architectural structure and
      ecological function to the original climax or sub-climax vegetation
      community. Analog Forests mimic the form and function of the original forest
      but can additionally be comprised of exotics. Usually, it requires high
      levels of management: human intervention is a key characteristic of such a
      It seeks to empower rural communities both socially and economically,
      through the use of species that provide marketable products. Analog Forestry
      is currently being implemented in Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Mexico,
      Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Australia, and Canada."
      From: http://www.cerronara.com/analog.html

      Some other links:

      Zero-Emission Research and Initiatives
      Innovative aproach to design of production systems

      The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
      ...promotes resilient family farms, rural communities and ecosystems around
      the world through research and education, science and technology, and
      The Community Forestry Resource Center promotes responsible forest
      management through collaboration, support and assistance to sustainable
      forestry cooperatives and associations of private forest owners.

      The Sacred Earth Network (SEN) is a non-profit international
      organization with offices in Petersham, Massachusetts, and Moscow,
      Russia. SEN's activities are rooted in two core beliefs:
      1) that all of Nature is sacred and must be treated with respect
      and honor and
      2) that humanity must quickly restructure its relationship with
      the miraculous, interconnected living system that is our Earth.
      To this end, SEN strives to empower people to work in defense of the
      biosphere through its two major programmatic areas: the Northern
      Eurasia Environmental Assistance Program and the Metamorphosis
      Project: Restoring Our Inner and Outer Ecology (formerly Earth
      Experiences Program).

      The aim of Ecologia Trust is to promote and foster the process of positive,
      creative change in Russia particularly in the fields of: Ecology &
      Environment, Youth Education & Welfare, and Social Psychology.
      We support projects that involve:
      Youth empowerment & education
      Positive, constructive processes of change
      Freedom of expression and individual initiative
      Rehabilitation and education of homeless children
      Environment and wilderness protection throughout the world

      The Online Gadfly
      News and Opinion Regarding Environmental Ethics and Public Policy
      by Ernest Partridge - Lecturer-Consultant, Environmental and Applied Ethics,
      Research Philosopher, University of California, Riverside
      The site also features "The SEU Times" -- the newsletter of the
      Socio-Ecological Union, a federation of environmental NGOs in the former
      Soviet Union.

      List of Alternative Crops & Enterprises for Small Farm Diversification
      Alternative Farming Systems Information Center (AFSIC)
      National Agricultural Library, ARS, USDA

      A seed source in Austria:
      Arche Noah - Gesellschaft zur Erhaltung und Verbreitung der
      Arche Noah - organisation for the maitainance and distribution of the
      diversity in cultivated plants

      Canopy silviculture or canopy farming©: a new concept in sustainable
      rainforest use

      "The wise and durable utilisation of choice canopy products represents an
      entirely new field in sustainable forestry. Production and cultivation are
      central in this innovative concept. While some canopy items might simply be
      collected and harvested, the cultivation of selected species offers the best
      opportunities for utilisation on a sustainable basis. As these selected
      canopy products will usually be the ones with a relatively high value (e.g.
      medicinal organisms, ornamental plants like orchids), we can speak of
      Unconventional Choice Forest Products or in short: choice forest products."

      Rainforest Lodge & Reserve, Costa Rica
      - A new way of saving the rainforest
      Projects in Rara avis: Sustainable use of canopy orchids, Sustainable
      development of the endemic 'Stained Glass Palm' (Geonoma epetiolata) and a
      Butterfly Project

      Mexico, Trees for People, Bernd Neugebauer
      www.xina.de, www.xina.com, http://tfp.xina.de/tfpw/index.html

      Ökologische Land- und Waldwirtschaft
      Trees for People engagiert sich für Wirtschaftskonzepte, die eine Grundlage
      für die Neugestaltung einer nachhaltigen Waldnutzung in Europa und vorrangig
      in den Tropen schafft.

      Die Produktpalette besteht deshalb aus Erzeugnissen, deren Anbauweise
      gezielt zur Bewaldung und Waldnutzung in den Tropen beiträgt, die kulturelle
      Identität der Maya Yucatáns bestärken, aus ökologischem Anbau autonomer
      lokaler Unternehmen stammen, durch konsequente Prozeßketten integration hohe
      Qualität garantieren und eine intensive Kommunikation zwischen Erzeugern und
      Kunden ermöglichen.


      International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements

      Association for Temperate Agroforestry:
      Info on agroforestry + an e-mail-list

      An anthology of ecological, philosophical, spiritual, economic, religious
      and cultural articles, editorials and reviews exploring the values of the
      planetary Ecosphere, its ecosystems, communities and wild species - as the
      natural and time-tested source of a new and compelling "Earth Ethic" for
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