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Re: [fukuoka_farming] WEBSITE UPDATE

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  • Larry Haftl
    Hello Francois, ... I like he ... only for the ... The map project is evolving. Started with a few somewhat related requests, so I made up the map and put a
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 22, 2002
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      Hello Francois,

      >Hi, the project map is a good idea. I was about to propose it !
      I like he
      >zoom approach. Should Marika’s idea be mix with it. Maybe a different

      >color of stars for the members of the discussion group or a map
      only for the
      >group, so we can know each other.

      The map project is evolving. Started with a few somewhat related
      requests, so I made up the map and put a page link on it to get people
      thinking more concretely about it. I started with the idea of a page
      for each star, but that can become impractical. Then Robert Monie
      suggested a "members list". Great idea. So if you click on a star
      you go either to a page full of information about a "Fukuoka-related
      project" being done by someone on the list (and maybe not on the
      list?) or to a members page with whatever bio text and graphics each
      member wants to supply. How does this sound to all of you?

      And to those of you waiting to see others pop up on the map before
      joining in so you can just quitely blend into the background.....
      if everyone did that the map project would never go anywhere...

      >I have ideas about integrate a climat zone
      >map to it if you"s" want. I could do the graphic works. (I am actually
      >good with photoshop)

      This would be great! Let's talk about this on or off the list. I
      think this would be helpful for "projects" and if the people doing
      those projects would like it done (as opposed to doing it themselves)
      this would be a great help to them (and me).

      Right now the map project is very free-form. What I posted can be
      used either in the final product or as a place to start talking about
      and developing the idea. It's up to the people here to "influence"
      how and where it goes.

      Thanks for the comments and the offer. Both are appreciated.

      Larry Haftl
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